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Artist Series : Annie Huang

Uni students don’t usually get the opportunity to have their work on a massive building in Northbridge. For Annie Huang, this dream is a reality. The eldest daughter of Chinese immigrants Annie fondly recalls an adventurous childhood climbing trees with her sister. Curious from a young age her interest in visual art comes from playing with different textures like clay. Huang attributes her success to her ‘go getter’ attitude. 



“You have to just keep saying yes to every opportunity you’re given is the key,” she says, “be brave and believe in yourself”. 



Studying her Masters in Fine Arts at UWA, the 23 year old, describes herself as a maker and a tinkerer. Inspired by rivers, animals and Perth’s rich history Annie’s projections lit up the PICA building in the heart of Northbridge. As part of the city of lights iconic buildings surrounding the James street steps were transformed into massive moving artworks.



“I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to display my work for so many people” she says.



From historical footage of pioneers riding horses to bright technicolour pop art there’s something for everyone. And in the centre of these is Annie’s work. With only 6 weeks to prepare there was no paint or canvas required! Using sketches and video she has brought to life birds, fish and plants native to the Perth wetlands which glide across the bricks of the PICA building. 



‘I hope that spectators notice all the elements of Perth, including the winding swan river and the faces of local artists at the end of the show’. 


This work was a collaboration with Sam Price and Perth Festival.