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We Love Surprises: Big Brother Babblings Ep 7

Two quirky mothers hiding in an attic, sounds like the basis of a good story, and oh boy did BB prove that in this episode.

If you missed the news, SJ and Mary are in the BB house attic after being saved from a double elimination. And they are thriving. Apparently they modelled this on SJ’s actual home.

Holly: The set designers and dressers went HAM in this attic! Clutter everywhere, even books!

Rose: The attic is looking like a better deal tbh

The attic is cluttered with nick-nacks including a vintage radio which they can use to tune into conversations.

What do they overhear?

Nick, Mel and Danny discussing their plans to be top 3. A plan which would see the orchestrated wipe out of all of Mary and SJ’s friends.


Secret Attic! SJ says it’s a mess because she’s setting it up. Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

From this point onwards the Danny, nick and Mel alliance will be known as the cca - the country cricket agents.

what else happens?

Well, Ari decides to reveal to BB that he’s been lying left, right and centre and to everyone! It’s funny things, which he thinks makes him more relatable and likeable to the HMs. 

“I have absolutely nothing in common with these people”

He even told Sid that his family was from Kenya because Sid’s family is from Kenya. Will he be found out?

Rose: Honestly fair enough. Like why not! He’s got nothing to lose.

Back to the attic

Mary and SJ are surprised (as if anything surprises them anymore) that they can actually communicate with housemates via a hatch in the attic that links to the diary room.

They are allowed to speak to two HMs. First, they choose Katie who is delighted, over the moon, to see them. She immediately runs to tell Jess and Marley who are equally stoked. 

Rose: OMG it’s a literal hatch haahaha like they’re Bart Simpson’s less evil twin in the attic in that one treehouse of horror episode

Rose: Spilling all the secrets to Katie is such a great move, she’s fired up already, this’ll fuel her even more

Peek-a-boo SJ and Mary can see and hear you! Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge:

It’s arm day! The HMs get to escape the sunburn gym, finally reducing the chance of skin damage, in BB’s basement lair. Contestants hold a bar above their head that’s got resistance to the equivalent of 30% of their body weight. A balloon pops when they drop the bar so that’s quite fun. 

Rose: Tilly giving Sid tips to help him is so sweet. Honestly she comes across so nice. 

Holly: C’mon girls! Love these strong girls

Rose: Women killing it again!

Holly: THIS CHALLENGE GOING ON FOR AN HOUR?? … 2 hours now?? Is it worth it?

Rose: Tilly doesn’t even need to make deals with Katie, I reckon she shouldn’t have bargained.

Holly: Tilly looks relaxed? Like it’s not hard

Tilly made this challenge look like a walk in the park while everyone else was in struggle town! She wins after Katie gives in. 

She agrees to not put Katie up but doesn’t bow down to Katie’s request to protect Jess, who is nominated as the clear target. Carlos and Charlotte join Jess as nominations. 

The rest

It truly seems like the CCA have the votes on this one and Jess is a goner. 

But our fairy godmothers SJ and Mary are having none of that and cash in their second opportunity to speak to someone through the hatch door and they pick Sid.

Sid is, like Katie, so stoked to see the Mamas and starts to rally the troops to save Jess.

The CCA does not see this blindside coming. 

The plan is pulled off Jess is saved and Carlos is sent out the door!

But what’s this? A big cake in the garden? And who pops out of it? 

None other than Dan’s besties SJ and Mary! Surprise… they’re back!

THEY’RE BACKKKKKK Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

Shit that stresses me out:

Rose: Literally every nomination stresses me out – no one wants to go home (or at least not yet) and I reckon after living with people nonstop you’d always take it personally. I especially feel for Jess with so much on her plate. I think in the early days some of it is just luck – if people happen to bond before you, you’ve already missed out. 

Rose: Dan drinking milk (ew) out of a wine glass on the couch after the eviction lol big sitting alone in the VIP vibes

Holly: Ahaha nailed it ^

Final Thoughts:

Rose: We need to bring back Sonia talking to the players when they get kicked off! So much potential for spicy commentary.

Holly: I take great enjoyment knowing the CCA alliance don’t know that Mary and SJ are in the house

I’m glad the underdog alliance prevails. The game is not that easy and shouldn’t be a walk in the park for some people. Dan looks winded at the news of SJ and Mary’s return ahaha

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: BB – i like surprises

Holly: Mary 

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: Charlotte – I think she would read me for my fashion choices

Holly: Yep, Charlotte. It’s time to goooooooooo