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Someone Always Gets Hurt: Big Brother Babblings Ep 9

OOFFF it’s day 20. That’s a long time!

Danny and Nick are wounded. BB really pours salt on the wounds by blaming Nick for the loss of ally Mitch in last night’s eviction. Danny says their game plan is now survival.

Mel is worried about the sinking ship that is her alliance. She explains she’s here for her family, to win the prize money to secure them financially.

Rose: $250K is so much money! People who judge other people for going on BB have not thought enough about earning that much money in like 2 months

Danny, hoping for a miracle presses the red button when it sings. BB makes him play the floor is lava. He can’t step on the ground or ELSE. If he can’t find a safe surface to stand on he has to be carried to the next spot, bless him. 

Rose: HAHAHA classic floor is lava. We’ve all trained for this our whole childhoods.

Marley slaps the button and he gets some KFC. The other HMs scream in jealousy. 

Rose: KFC is a prize again – as someone who had KFC last night, I can confirm you end up feeling worse after than you felt before – so not worth it

While Marley is enjoying his food, Danny falls and touches the floor/lava! The HMs have to jump in the pool as a punishment. Yes it’s cold. 

To free them from the icey water Danny must count to 1000. 

Holly: guys don’t just stand there! Start swimming and warm up!

BRRRRRRR Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

sad times

It’s apparently time for us to remember the housemates are people not just reality tv pawns with some heartfelt family letter time. It’s been 3 weeks since they’ve had any contact with the outside world. 

Rose: Mary “I hope mines just chocolate, no words” HONESTLY SAME

Holly: She speaks for us all.

Rose: I hate this part of any reality tv show, unless it involves the family also competing in challenges. Tempted to skip ahead lol

Holly: Yeah same… also I feel like it’s too early in the competition to do this. We’re still not connected with many of the HMs.

Rose: How did everyone’s families get so good at writing letters? And have such neat handwriting? 


deals with the Danny 2.0

Danny tries attempt 2 at striking an alliance with Katie, Jess and Marley. 

Jess suggests they go along with Danny’s plans and then just turn on them because “it’s just a game”. 

Rose: I am veryyyyyy much here for this chaos. Couldn’t agree more.

Holly: Jess lied scarily well to their faces when “agreeing” to the alliance 

The next day, Danny’s not well – got a fever of over 38 degrees!

Holly: Poor guy does not look or feel well. 

He can’t walk in a straight line. The HMs are concerned for him. BB isolates him, lucky they’ve got the attic! He will return to the house after returning a negative COVID-19 test.

Holly: Could you imagine the headlines if someone had covid and infected the house!

like a pyramiddddd Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

the challenge and eviction

It’s a balancing challenge. The HMs have to balance on pyramid like structures which have different levels that get smaller towards the top. HMs when told must move up the levels and remain balanced. Charlotte doesn’t even make it into the start of the challenge.

Rose: Ah yes another playground inspired challenge.

Rose: Tilly is unstoppable. So not phased that she’s once again negotiating for a pet.

Holly: Ballerinas would be great at this challenge

Katie wins the challenge. As expected Mel and Nick are up with Ari as the “safe vote”

It should be noted Dan is still absent and cannot be put up for elimination. 

Holly: Thank-god Danny is not here, he’d be steaminggggg

Nick is truly blind sided and upset, but is handling it well. Mel saw it coming but says she was going to do the same to Katie and Jess, if she had won.

In the voting, Mel makes the difficult but smart decision to put her vote on Nick. 

Holly: We’ve seen some really close votes. We know one vote matters sometimes. 

Nick is loyal, but too loyal and votes for Ari. This turns out to be the only vote for Ari.

With the majority of votes (by quite a bit) Nick is the one to go.

Final thoughts

Rose: SAD! 

Rose: Danny’s going to be pissed.

Holly: Nick will be missed. If kept, I could see him potentially winning in the final public vote.

Rose: I’d like to note that Nick continues to laugh at every situation they’re put in, seemingly never taking the whole thing too seriously and it’s so refreshing. “She’s about as loyal as my dog off the leash at the beach I reckon”

Holly: Sonia’s stylist is on one. These looks are not for her.

Holly: Can Charlotte go? She said a total of two words this episode.

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Nick

Holly: I’m finding this harder and harder to answer aha

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: Mel – she’s smart and good at challenges

Holly: Mel