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Belly of the Beast: Big Brother Babblings Ep 10

Danny is COVID free and let loose in the house once again, only to find out his bestie Nick is gone. 

Holly: Let me tell you. When Danny was coming back in, I had heart palpitations. 

Danny is devastated. He breaks down and cries. SJ comforts him and sad music plays. He then goes on a rather intimidating monologue where he swears to bring down everyone and even makes direct eye contact with the diary room cameras. 

Holly: That was some Shakespeare-esque monologue

He’s further let down by discovering Mel voted for Nick.

Rose: Mel feels guilty for cheating on her alliance and voting out Nick, but she did what was best for her, I hope she doesn’t feel too bad.

The next morning the big red button summons a limo full of treats for Danny and 5 friends. 

He invites Tilly, Katie, Jess, Marley and Mary. Sid points out he is taking his enemies.

Rose: I’m just so happy that Tilly is getting some lollies.

Things are surprisingly chill in the limo. Maybe giving people champagne and treats wins them over.

Rose: Certainly wins me over.

Holly: I’m getting on the way to my year 12 ball vibes (except we went in a mini van bc limos are expensive)

Fancy limo time Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

the panic room

BB let’s the house know there’s been another room in the house this whole time. It’s known as the Panic Room. It’s like if your year 12 maths exam was a room. It’s blacked out, no windows, and covered in painted numbers from top to bottom.

2 people go in at a time for a challenge, if they win there’s a reward, if they lose, there’s a punishment.

Tilly and SJ are chosen to head to the Panic Room. They have to count all the numbers without crossing them off, but can use the floor as a workpad.They’ve got 3 guesses to work it out.

SJ says maths is her weakness. Tilly says numbers are her badness. 

Rose: Nightmare fuel 

Holly: I’d say no straight away to this


Unfortunately they lose and nobody is mad at them for failing considering how hard it was. 

As punishment everyone gets chained together.

Holly: The punishment was truly that panic room itself. Chain me to other people over that.

Holly: Okay I thought that way until they started singing. 

The torture room Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

the challenge and eviction

Just before the challenge, Danny hits the red button and wins an advantage. Turns out he will get a leg up in the challenge and automatically gets to go to the top 4 of the challenge.

It’s a sandy obstacle course. Players have to go through it multiple times, each time knocking out the slowest people. 

This shit is hard!! 

Ari found a technique in round 1 and told people! But nobody listened until the third round when they saw how well his technique worked.

In the final round is Mel, Ari, Marley and Danny 

Holly: I was screaming at the tv 

Rose: Ari is doing surprisingly well!


Holly: Is this SES Australia or Big Brother?

Ari is triumphant with his technique which scored him a lead on all the other contestants. As he exits the challenge stadium he says, “God i can’t wait to vote these idiots out”

Who are these idiots? Dan, Mel and Marley (safe vote)

Dan and Mel know it’s time up for one of them but Mel does not give up and goes around pitching herself. She makes a compelling argument about voting out Marley who is a big threat in challenges and in the trio alliance, she says.


Rose: But smart pitch, she’s pointed out a majority alliance people forgot about

In the elimination room the pleas and pitches continue. However, it doesn’t go Mels way. Marley ends up with no votes, Danny 2 and Mel the rest.

Holly: Omg what a twist!! Danny must’ve voted for her

The Dig! Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

Final thoughts

Rose: This year’s cast is playing a complex mental game and I’m impressed. A lot of the people I’d ignored have shown their potential in the last couple of eps. 

Rose: Ari saying everyone is “beyond stupid” gave me a good giggle. I’m starting to think Ari might be a good player??? Letting everyone else play it out for a hot minute before he gets too involved. Him gunning for both Katie and Danny brings my joy. 

Holly: I think Danny was too cocky too soon with his alliance. Nick, Mel and Danny made it so obvious they were in an alliance and were so set on excluding everyone they forgot how vulnerable they really are as only 3 people. 

Holly: I’m very interested to see what happens to Danny from here.

Rose: The button is an interesting one because it’s obviously set up so the producers can decide who to give advantages or punishments to. I wonder how many possibilities they’ve come up with for who gets what and the implications. And I wonder who gets to make the instant decisions like do people get what they ask BB for, and what to do when certain people get eliminated. They’d have to work 24/7. Sorry to make the show nerdy for a second haha

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Maybe none of them lol

Holly: Yeah, same

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: Danny

Holly: Mel