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INTRUDER ALERT: Big Brother Babblings Ep 12

We’re up to the top 10 and it’s day 27.

Rose: I can’t believe they’ve been in the house for a month! I’d be so sick of the other housemates by now. 

We see a montage of more of Ari’s ICONIC lying. It’s hilarious. He’s really a boy from the country but he’s been effortlessly lying about his background, saying he’s very rich, to make the other HMs think the prize money means nothing to him and therefore he’s not a threat.

Meanwhile Danny is basking in the glory of his successful execution of Katie.

Big Brother announces the HMs will get a celebratory dinner for making it to the top ten. But first they have to stop a boat from sinking by throwing water out with small cups. There must be six HMs in the boat at all times over five hours. 

Rose: They’re splashing like your 7 year old cousin in the pool on Christmas.

Splish, Splosh, Splash: Big Brother/ Seven


The magical sofa opens back up and in a very unglamourous fashion, out crawl six new contestants. BB whispers to them in a menacing way and tells them they must hide under the dinner party table and place their heads beneath some gloches; to be dramatically revealed! The HMs are so excited they haven’t noticed anything. Christina begins to lift up a gloche and quickly shoves it back down.

Jess dramatically announces there are people under each gloche! And so, in the most ridiculous manner, the newbie HMs are revealed. 

Holly: Btw these glasses of wine they’re drinking are MASSIVE. I’d be sloshed in half a glass and very scared at what was unfolding in front of my eyes.

Rose: New intruder Generic Muscle Beard Man might think he’s a challenge champ but won’t stand a chance against the women in the house.

Rose: I’m disinterested by these intruders. Bring back letting one twin in and swapping them out and not telling the housemates. These guys look like they just want Insta sponsorships.

Holly: Yes Rose! I loved when they’d do the switcheroo of twins.

Holly: I’ve already forgotten their names or just not absorbed them.

Rose: Gabe says his friends describe him as savage, and I love that energy.

We find out that new guy Mitch was a WAFL player ooooohhh and turns out Jess was moved to Fremantle as her club. They’re vibing.

Holly: New bestie alert?

Rose: There’s actually a lot of WA connections in this season which is cool. 

Danny is already planning to create his new army with new buff boy Brenton. 

Rose: Jess and Dan are both recently single in the house and need a new bestie to fill the hole. 

Yum!: Big Brother/ Seven

the challenge

In a classic BB twist, only 4 of the 6 intruders will be staying in the house, based on a series of challenges and votes.  

Holly: I think it’s interesting that the twins are competing separately. In previous seasons and overseas, we’ve seen twins play as a duo. Is there an unfair advantage of having a twin in the game? It’s someone who will almost always be guaranteed to not vote you out.

The challenge requires the housemates to push balls down a ramp and make sure no balls drop. This is an interesting game, which we’ve seen in previous seasons and is harder than it looks. There’s a mix of physical and mental elements, timing is very important. 

The winner of this challenge is Mitch. He is saved from elimination. The original HMs will vote for who they want to stay in the game. One person will be officially saved by vote, the next chance for a newbie to stay will happen in a challenge next ep.

And then what happens?

The OG HMs meet in the cave to decide who they want to become a official housemate. Danny dominates in the conversation, pushing to have Adriana join the house.

Rose: I’m still battling to understand why anyone listens to Danny. 

Holly: Why does new guy Brenton look like first out Max? 

Rose: It’s taken me this long to get to know the current housemates, I don’t know if I have the emotional energy to bother with the newbies

In the former elimination room now the keepination room, Adriana is saved with 7 votes, Gabe gets 3. The twins and Brenton receive no votes to stay.

Final thoughts

Imagine being so excited to get on the show and then realising you weren’t becoming a proper housemate. 

Holly: That newbie reveal was hilarious. I would freak the f&#k out if I saw heads under gloches. 

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Of the new housemates maybe Gabe? None of them are particularly exciting tbh

Holly: Ari of old. Yeh Gabe as new

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: A whole bunch so we could get back to being at top 10

Holly: Charlotte. Again.