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Perth Poetry: Direct Factory Outlets

Not only do I enjoy Perth, I also quite like poetry. In this first instalment of Perth Poetry, I highlight the capitalist marvel of direct factory outlets, from the perspective of a best and less shopaholic. 

Direct Factory Outlets


Direct Factory Outlets

At the airport and city west

Offer many outfits

Some great, most not the best


From Yard to Cotton on

Jeans west and Champion

There’s plenty to choose from

When the weekly pay comes in


But Just Jeans is just okay

New Balance seems old

Not hungry for Subway

And starting to get cold


You head into a shop

You didn’t catch the name

When something makes you stop

Completely changing the game


Flamingo socks

Displayed in the store

Blue background, pink birds

How could one ask for more?


They’re whimsy

They’re fun

Universally adored,

In the sock drawer of any Uni student that’s scored


Direct Factory Outlets

You offer so much choice everyday

These are expensive holy shit,

Better use Afterpay