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Covid – 19 things that got me through lockdowns

I’ve written a list, checked it far more than twice, and I’m still pretty convinced that a few of my new covid habits have still been missed. But nevertheless, 19 things works well with the title so hey, let’s run with it.

1. Baking

I can’t admit to be a master artisan or even amateur hobbyist when it comes to baking. Bread I have not done, nor a cake or muffins. But I have certainly bought, divided into one inch chunks and baked several tubes of cookie dough from the local IGA.

2. Streaming

The phrase on Stan’ loading screen, ‘currently fetching your stream’, makes me chuckle at the thought of someone diverting a river or creek simply for my entertainment. But entertained I have been! Even if at the cost of watching far too many hours of Nickelodeon classics.

3. Zoom

If only we had known to buy stocks in Zoom years ago! The teleconferencing software aka Skype 2.0 created many opportunities for suit jacket and pyjama bottoms combos. Being able to chat with friends, family and colleagues can be tiring for some people. Being able to do it at home whilst secretly watching YouTube in a second screen was great change of pace.

4. Real Estate Window Shopping

TriBeCa, Shanghai and South Bank have been regulars in my REIWA search bar. Don’t get me wrong, we are extremely lucky in Perth, but being told you can’t do something makes it all the more tantalising. And besides, buying fertiliser to make the grass greener on your own side just seems time consuming.

5. Naps

Need I say more.

6. Onesies

I am sad at the thought that along with the Ice Bucket challenge and Harlem Shake, Onesies will not be known to our children and grandchildren. Determined to keep the legacy alive most hours of the day you can find me in my Sullivan from Monsters Inc. onesie, yes it has a tail and yes it is awesome.

7. Knitting

I was not good at knitting.

8. Reading

A probable highlight of zoom calls for me was when three friends and I realised we were all reading Russian literature from different authors. Personally, I was working my way though Crime and Punishment at the time, and to be honest, reading that book was all the punishment I needed. I am sure for many people it’s a classic, but I’m sticking to Law and Order SVU.

9. Cook

I got really into Hello Fresh during the days we were discouraged from going to the groceries too often. Not to make this a sponsor plug or anything, (I’m open for a brand deal though), but cooking food besides dry chicken stir frys was a lovely change.

10. Online Shopping

I had never tried online shopping before so may be unfair to say how thoroughly disappointed I was in the quality and fit of my Parks and Rec inspired clothing pieces. Although to be devil’s advocate, purchasing clothes at a time when one can’t exercise as much was probably my bad too.

11. Naps

Cannot emphasise enough how sleepy I get when I have nowhere to be for an extended period of time. I did steal the duvet from the guest room though so there’s that as well.

12. Watch Old Movies

I had never seen a Hitchcock film before the lockdowns yet still had the gall to put movies as an interest on old dating profiles. These movies are masterful, visually stunning and gripping. Although the eyebrow shapes are out of control Kim Novak really needed union representation for Vertigo.

13. Bought Shares

Does putting a small amount of money into a major bank run account to maybe receive a return in 6ish years make me feel superior. Yes it really does! And the fragility of Bitcoin reminds me of my ego so seemed like a safer bet. So far I’ve only lost $3.87!

14. Got my car Serviced

Fuck that was expensive.

15. Polished up CV

There’s nothing like stressing about your future as a motivator. Trying to reduce, reuse and recycle old recommendations and internships was about as fun as lockdown press conferences. And speaking of!

16. Press Conferences

This is essentially just an appreciation post for Fiona, the Auslan interpreter frequently seen at Mark McGowan’s live updates. Not only does Fiona seem like good vibes, the memes around her and Mark’s relationship is so wholesome it makes me wish I had downloaded Tik Tok before last month.

17. Homemaking

The spaces we live in make such a huge difference to our mindsets, at home the office or anywhere really. I can’t say my bedroom has achieved hygge or met the lofty heights of Marie Kondo. But I bought a couple of succulents, and they make me happy.

18. Sleep

Okay, okay sleeping is basically napping I know! Damn thought I’d get away with that one.

19. Writing

Okay dear reader this one is quite meta I know, consider the fourth wall broken, because that’s right, the person who wrote this is a person!