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How to Support Your Friends in Lockdown

With half of Australia’s population in lockdown, it’s highly likely that you are in lockdown or that you know someone in lockdown. If you’re fortunate to be in a state or area with no lockdown, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of not knowing exactly what to say or do for your friends in lockdown. To help you out, we asked our readers what the ultimate dos and don’ts are for supporting your friends and fam in lockdown.

Do: Care packages

If you love giving gifts and treating people, this is your time to shine! What could these care packages include? Anything from fun snacks, guilty pleasures, puzzles and books.

Don’t: Shit talk the other person’s city

Leave it to our Premieres and Chief Ministers to throw shade at each other. We’re all frustrated with the situation and there’s nothing we can do about it other than follow regulations and stay inside.   

Do: Pick up the phone

Make the time for your friends in lockdown and have a chat! There will be the temptation to talk about COVID and lockdown of course, but don’t forget there’s normal stuff to chat about too… netflix, general gossip, Drag Race All Stars Season 6, etc.

Don’t: Say you wish you were also in lockdown!

This should be fairly obvious. And yes, you may need a rest or break from work, but months confided to your home’s four walls is NOT the dream.

Do: Engage in shared activities

You may be distanced from your locked down friend but that doesn’t stop you from doing stuff together. Get on the phone and go on a walk at the same time or cook a meal! We’re all familiar with zoom by now, switch up the chat and try a game or re-watch Eurovision together!