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Perth’s Tattoo Zen Space: Naomie Pearl and Golden Panther Studios takes on Tattoo and Cosmetic Stereotypes

“Panther Studios in Fremantle, a new tattoo space in Perth with the aim to reinvent Perth’s tattoo space as more welcoming, warm and inclusive.”

How’d I find this revelation of a tattoo parlour (filled with awesome tattoo and cosmetic artists)? Keep posted.

Eyebrows. Lips. Eyeliner. And more recently, freckles. These are the things you can get microbladed, or semi-tattooed on and onto your gorgeous face.

Microblading is something that Naomie Pearl does for a living. Her work is characterised by technical precision, an impressive command over colour and what I would describe as her own trademark minimalist flutter-femme. All this while being the warm, kind and funky professional that she is. In understanding the training, skill and personal style of her work, it is easy to see that she is an artist in her own right.

Oh, and she also happens to be a multi-award-winning lash artist. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

But I went to her to get some cute lil love heart freckles on my bod… won’t tell you where though 😉

Contrary to the name of their profession however, Cosmetic Tattoo Artists are often not considered owners of their art at all. Whilst in the wider tattoo industry, body tattoos and designs are nearly undisputed to belong to their creators, art ownership in the world of cosmetics has long been a hazy and undiscussed subject.

Naomie is woman who has found herself going against the common contractual obligation of beauty studios that her artwork is not hers. For her, the freckles she gives her clients are not just a service she provides, but art which enhances the canvas it comes with.

In an exciting life-spin, she has recently decided to take her pink hair and arts practice to the Golden Panther Studios in Fremantle, a new tattoo space in Perth with the aim to reinvent Perth’s tattoo space as more welcoming, warm and inclusive. Long been mythicised to be places of intimidation, Golden Panther are challenging the stereotypes of tattoo parlours.

I mean just check out the photos! And you can also check out their website to see which artists are working up a storm in there too… I know where I’m going for my first big boi tattoo.

tattoo 2

Although an exciting time, for Naomie, becoming independent again at the Golden Panther space has meant she has had to start her beauty portfolio all over again since all of her previous work is void to claim. Ergo: new Instagram and website. Though, despite the challenge of rebuilding, she is thriving!

Here’s a word from her!

“Making the decision to move out onto my own within a creative and artistic working space from more of a clinical beauty space has just been the most freeing decision I have made for myself within my career and for my personal mental space.

I wanted to create a space where all faces are welcome to come along, for all treatments no matter how small or bold. I believe that cosmetic tattooing should be an enhancement of the persons features and not a replacement of makeup, but with that being said each face suits different styles and techniques and I want to be able to really branch out and explore in as much of the cosmetic tattoo industry as I possibly can, helping give people that extra little confidence boost, or expressive fun with the way they look.

Enhancing the natural beauty of a persons face is just the best fun I could have working with the client towards achieving their goals. How could I not love my job!

My ultimate dream and goal is to work with breast cancer survivors, and those alike helping to give them back their areolas and restore body confidence.”

And we think that’s a beautiful dream goal Naomi.

There you have it folks! Golden Panther Studios – the zen den of artists, their artistry and those willing to put it on their body!