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You’re Invited: Subiaco’s Monsoonal Artist Takeover

In the heart of Subiaco, a fresh new wave is about to inundate the WA Arts Centre. It’s Makuru season here in Perth, the wet season of fertility in the Noongar calendar and can I just say: let it rain! Performing Lines WA has produced yet another spectacularly ambitious arts event amidst our Covid world: The Kolyang Creative Hub is a three-week program which will employ 62 leading independent artists to make new work, professionally develop and have critical conversations with the wider sector and industry-heads of arts organisations across Australia. And you’re invited.

From May 31st to June 18th, there will be free public admission to attend Small Group Discussions, Practice Sharing Workshops and Panel Conversations with leading artists and organisations from across WA and the wider Australian industry. Hot and rearing its engine, the Koylang Creative Hub (Kolyang being the Noongar name for Australia’s beautiful golden wattle) is expected to be an explosive monsoon of new ideas and honest future change-making conversations; making it the unmissable seismic event of the year for WA artists across all art forms.

In the words of Performing Lines, “The Creative Hub is the singular event in the WA arts ecology that brings artists and industry-heads together, providing time and space to reflect, question learn and share.”

This year’s Hub, has been curated by the Performing Lines WA team, alongside an Artist Advisory: Melissa Cantwell, Daley Rangi, Alex Desebrock and myself, Grace Chow. With artist-centred and artist-led approaches becoming hot topics in the arts sector, organisations in Perth with Artist Advisory Panels, such as Performing Lines WA and The Blue Room Theatre, are a step towards a more democratic artist-led future.

See the Kolyang Creative Hub Public Program below.