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A Potterhead’s Druggy Down-Under Dream: Grogwarts

Grogwarts is a parody production filled with magic (both the supernatural and illicit kind) and the quirkiest adaptations imaginable of well-known Harry Potter characters.

Naturally, the first character we meet is Stevo Pot (Dylan Hansen) boarding the train to head off to his first year at Grogwarts; smitten with his Southern Cross scar left by the Dark Lord. Joined by Ron Weasly’s Aussie doppelganger Ranga Holden (Lily Slattery) and Vicky Coolabah (Sophie Kelly), they embark on the most unexpected year in their magical school’s history.

The trio is greeted by their teacher, mentor and loose unit, Professor Kingscup (Christopher Joe). Through plenty of snappy innuendos and quick wit Professor Kingscup proves to be the most disrespectful and foul-mouthed individual at Grogwarts.

The plot accelerates the storyline into the main Harry Potter books, all the way to The Goblet of Fire, where the three students, along with the main antagonist, Richard ‘Head’ Dick (Tristan Beier) battle it out for the Triwizard Tournament Cup. Endless laugh out loud moments occur as the magical students progress through the many challenges thrown at them.

Grogwarts playwright Courtney Lee has turned some of the most memorable and lovable lines from the Harry Potter franchise into commendable eshay and bogan references. Even the props get the Aussie treatment with wands made from cans of Emu Export taped together. 

Of course, each spell cast has its own special twist and potion class turns into drug making class; leading to mentions of the education department turning a blind eye to this non-ethical behaviour.

Presented by Crash Theatre Co, Grogwarts is not for the faint of heart (or people under 18), but for the lovers of rude language, rough Aussie culture, and the wonderful universe of the ‘Harry Potter Wizarding World’. A Potterhead’s druggy down-under dream.