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A Quintessential Fringe Show: Clara Cupcakes’ Good Time Corral

Clara Cupcakes Good Time Corral is a hoot-tooting variety performance that is a quintessential fringe show. From the tiny tent that was filled with laughter (and halitosis), the range of talent fronted by a conspicuous host, unexpected props, and of course things not going to plan. It was the perfect example of how Fringe shows don’t need to be polished if you can incorporate the mishaps into your act. There were burger rings, a ukulele punk song, and somehow a burlesque performance with surgical gloves.

This variety show was hosted by Clara Cupcakes, someone that I was disappointed to find out wasn’t Dolly Parton despite what the poster told me, but somehow was even more of a caricature of a country music bimbo. It featured a slew of talented performers who were all doing this as one of their many shows across fringe, some of which I plan to go see now. After each individual performance showcasing their respective talents, something resembling a gameshow ensued.

Kitty Obsidian delivered a faboriginal burlesque performance that was tinged with humour that I would describe as the boredom women feel when subject to the captive attention of the average straight white man. They only needed to produce the tiniest gestures to ellicit a roaring response from the crowd.

Jamie Mykeala delivered a beautiful comedy musical number which I’m not quite sure ever ended. At no point throughout the games was she not pulling a face or a pose or just existing in a way that wasn’t the most facetious display of humanity I’ve ever seen.

Adam Ext’s boylesque performance initially resembled a nervous tease that I thought was the result of opening-night-nerves until I realised that the coyness and awkwardness was part of his performance. His performance was a cleverly funny display that was jilted and robotic but somehow sexy? He obviously knows what he’s doing if he can entertain me while looking like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Veruca Sour was also quite possibly the funniest burlesque performer I have ever seen. They had all the poise and technique of a seasoned performer, tinged with clownery. I’ve never wanted to devour a candy bracelet so badly.

Every single part of this show was delivered by accomplished artists who are worth the entire hour long run-time by themselves. Rolled up into one variety show, I don’t see how you couldn’t enjoy it.

Clara Cupcakes’ Good Time Corral has three more performances at Fringe World Perth.