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Beautiful Bewilderment: Bubble Show for Adults Only

Every art form that you don’t associate with sexy is in this sexy show. Even bubbles.

The playful enchantment of your childhood can be manipulated into masterful choreographed displays. Who knew?! The simple title of this show is deceiving. Even after you read this review before going in, you will still probably come out of the show wondering what the hell you just watched. It’s a cross between circus and a magic show.

Bubble Show for Adults Only. Presented by Bubble Laboratory Trust 

Starting with a romantic narrative between 2 people, it quickly turns into an awkward date. The miming and clown antics are clearly those of a performer who has spent years honing their skill. When the date progresses to the next phase of the evening, the sexual tension is hilariously awkward.

Even after the sexy times start, it still continues to be awkward with the clown choreography goofily throwing their passionate gestures all around the stage. It’s an off-beat brand of sexy that is somewhat crude, awkward, and comedic simultaneously.

Bubble Show for Adults Only. Presented by Bubble Laboratory Trust 

There is minimal dialogue, which makes the lines they do say hit different. The words give a sense of normalcy to the whole affair, like when he sends her in an uber after he discovers her kink isn’t to his taste. They also use dialogue to encourage audience participation, when the ring-leader-esque enquired about our enjoyment it snapped me out of my bewilderment. I had to be reminded several times to lift my jaw off the floor and clap and cheer.

The fushigi routine provided a beautiful opening and closing to the performance, interlaced seamlessly with the bubble artistry to create an illusion. Despite me giving away all these magicians’ tricks, I will be surprised if you don’t walk out of Bubble Show for Adults Only awestruck.

Bubble Show for Adults Only is on for one more night at Fringe World.