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Camaraderie Lights Up the Stage: Pull the Pin

A heartwarming and hilarious tale of three Gen X-ers battling ageing, friendship, and the youth of today, Pull The Pin is the latest strike from Just Friends Theatre Company.

Jules (Caitlin Beresford-Ord), Donna (Elisa Williams) and Ang (Tegan Mulvany) catch up every week at their local bowling alley to enjoy wine, chicken nuggets and each other’s company. When ambitious 19-year-old Lake (Hannah Davidson) challenges them to move to the competitive league, it sparks a battle for the ages- on and off the lane.

Fresh off the success of ALLSTARS and What Of It, Rebecca Fingher flexes her talent and insight yet again in this charming comedy. Fingher’s script explores the fears of getting older and uncertainty of change with complexity, depth, and compassion.

Pull the Pin. Photography by Sophie Minnissale

Beresford-Ord, Williams and Mulvany demonstrate exemplary chemistry as the self-appointed Old Hags. These three are experienced and passionate performers, and the camaraderie between them lights up the stage. As the three of them take us on individual journeys of heartbreak, depth and existentialism, they retain a constant charm and lightheartedness that echoes the heart of the work in every moment.

Davidson as Lake, the feisty 19-year-old competitor,  is hilarious, terrifying and totally unhinged. Even making a short appearance as a sentient bowling ball, it is impossible to take your eyes off her.

Pull the Pin. Photography by Sophie Minnissale

Sian Murphy’s direction allows the actors to shine and makes the most of Will Gammel’s immaculately designed set- a true highlight of the show. Evocative of the bowling alley every one of us spent birthday parties at as children, Gammel’s design really transports the audience from the second they enter the space.

Cleverly devised to allow the performers to bowl through the middle of the space, it is both thrilling and terrifying to watch bowling balls roll at 80 kilometers an hour through the Blue Room Theatre! Jacob Sgouros’ composition weaves delicately through the story, always hitting its narrative mark, but at times toeing the line of overly expository. This music is performed live by rockstar Isaac Diamond, commanding the stage on electric guitar as the most tuneful bowling pin you’ve ever seen. 

Pull The Pin is yet another a triumph for Just Friends Theatre Company, who are quickly proving themselves as frontrunners in Perth’s arts scene. I can’t wait to see what this trio brews up next! 

Pull The Pin is on now until July 2 at The Blue Room Theatre.