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Fun-Filled Chaos: Time Capsule

Time Capsule, presented by Runaway Balloon, is a show which sells itself on paper but over-delivers on stage.

Written and directed by Megan Rundle and composed by Jackson Griggs, this show defies the laws of Fringe which generally sees artists presenting works with small casts and short run times. Sitting at 90 minutes, with a whopping cast of 15 and a live band on stage, Time Capsule feels larger than life and certainly gives bang for your buck!

Cast of Time Capsule. Photography by Nicholas Warrand.

It’s the Dunaneen High School’s Class of 2012 ten-year reunion and 28-year-old Bridget Palmer (Natasha Kayser) feels like she’s done nothing with her life since high school. She still lives at home, doesn’t have an S.O or an impressive job (all normal if you ask me!). In order to hide what she hasn’t achieved in the last decade; she begins to make up extravagant lies about her life. But, she’s not the only one to make up a lie or two… or several!

Natasha Kayser as Bridget Palmer in Time Capsule. Photography by Nicholas Warrand.

Joining Bridget on her night of lies is a series of other lead characters, including bestie Riley Anderson (Harry Fenn), cocky head boy Connor Neil (Jacob Sgouros), insufferable popular girl Sherry Harte (Amy Fortnum) and too cool for school Ritz Ashford (Ciara Taylor). Initially presenting as side characters to Bridget’s story each lead takes on a life of their own, with writer Megan Rundle providing developed character arcs for each person.

As we journey with these characters we’re met with hilarious numbers, I can’t go past Connor’s song about punching a shark in the face, which are brought to life with Katherine Hooker’s uplifting choreography.

Jacob Sgouros as Connor Neil in Time Capsule. Photography by Nicholas Warrand.

Megan Rundle and Jackson Griggs are dream collaborators, weaving the direction, sound, and script into one joy-filled package that provides non-stop laughs. This duo has found a cast who clearly love what they’re doing on stage, their energy and enthusiasm are infectious.  

Cast of Time Capsule. Photography by Nicholas Warrand.

The Runaway Balloon Team have taken on a mammoth task with the scale of this show, but the challenge has certainly paid off. Time Capsule fills a gap in the landscape of Australian musicals, showing a relatable Aussie high-school experience and the heavy weight of our own and others’ expectations. It would be a shame for this show to not have a life past the 2022 Fringe World, I’d love to see it come back… maybe with the class of 2013.

Time Capsule has two performances left, click below to book.