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“Insightful and Confrontational”: Henosis by Neomantra

Post metal is having a moment.

The first decade or so of the millennia felt like bands were experimenting with heavy sounds and testing the audience’s tolerance. Trying to find the balance between these novelty heavy sounds and audience retention. 

Post metal takes the lessons from these earlier bands and combines select elements to make its own sound. It is dark and heavy but matures into a cinematic and progressive sound.  If you are one to subscribe to the concept of subgenres, and the sound of metal is comparable to the visual genre of horror, where other popular metal subgenres rely on shock value to make you jump in fear, post metal grips your attention and keeps you in suspense. 
The opening track Solipsism throws you into the narrative with a brooding sound that sets the philosophical precedent. Without a solid grasp of philosophy some of the themes of this EP may go over a typical listener’s head. However, it does well to entice you to explore these ideas by presenting it via a cinematic sound that metal has matured into.

Henosis is a five-track EP from Neomantra

The second track Emancipation perpetuates the heavy setting before a subtle crescendo breaks to a breather track. Dualism gives a moment for the listener to come up for air with Julian Nichols’ violin manifesting a magnificent midway track.  
Despite the minimal track listing, there is an entire experience contained within a few songs. The Absolute sounds like the second act making the audience contemplate the sounds from the first act to reposition their perspective with the use of simultaneously gritty and polished guitar riffs. How do they do that? 
The final track wraps it up nicely with a gutsy track that leaves you satisfied with this offering but not without wanting more. Re-plays are recommended to get the most out of what this EP has to offer. It’s insightful and confrontational without relying on cheap thrills to shock an audience into submission.