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“A Ride that you will not want to get off” Pillow Talk: Back in the Sack

Bursting onto the stage in a blast of pink textures to delight your senses, Pillow Talk: Back in the Sack presented by Burlezque is the queer education we should have had in the first place.

Opening with a sleepover, featuring silky pyjamas and fluffy blankets, the first scene cleverly plays on femme stereotypes and draws you into a false sense of heteronormativity. Once you’re comfortable, the pillow fight scene ends and turns into a fervent solo fondling session under the fluffy covers. Lingerie-clad women walk across the stage like ring girls holding images containing artefacts of misogyny. If that was too subtle, the MC launches into a loquacious introduction to each scene with an evocative education on queerness.

Pillow Talk: Back in the Sack presented by BurLEZque. Photography by fuscous.fury

The performances are emotionally charged, with an intimacy that is both beautiful and harrowing. It is a broad display of gender expression, challenging the notion of how women are supposed to look. Among all the body hair, body fat, and other elements missing in the mainstream, this show is an absolute sex bomb. 

The choreography has a coyness that is familiar to anyone who has questioned their sexual or gender identity. There are moments of absolute thirst, mixed in with heart-swelling proclamations of trans pride, and general queer pride. 

You will be taken on a ride that you will not want to get off when it crescendos in a display of pride flags. In a time where Fringe is more widely accepted in the mainstream of society, shows like this become even more important. The validation of queer identities, body positivity, and sex-positivity are all craftily presented in an educational and sexy show. Recommended for cishets and queers alike.

Pillow Talk: Back in the Sack is on now until Sunday the 6th of Feb.