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A Hint of Paranormal and Noughties Nostalgia: Someone Stole Dee Perse’s Tree

Someone Stole Dee Perse’s Tree and other stories is a clever and thought-provoking anthology, treading the line between domestic noir and slapstick perfectly.

Renting a friend, sleepover shenanigans and Penny Wong conspiracies are just a few things in store. Also, there’s a tree!

Someone Stole Dee Perse’s Tree. Photography: Steph Forsyth

With great performances and intelligent character development the show unpacks people at different stages of their lives. With a constant sense of subtle discomfort, the tension of the play makes the comedic relief all the more entertaining.

The show is full of references, from the perils of YouTube and the alt-right to a hint of the paranormal. The noughties nostalgia juxtaposed with contemporary media is extremely impactful, amplifying both the sense of dread and overall hilarity of the anthology.

Someone Stole Dee Perse’s Tree. Photography: Steph Forsyth

The performance is also bolstered with strong lighting and audio complimented by a simple and effective set.

The company behind the show, Runaway Balloon, describe their goal as to create shows that are both sad and silly. I think they’re underselling themselves here. As, from what I’ve seen at least, the performance was far more than this simple objective.

Someone Stole Dee Perse’s Tree. Photography: Steph Forsyth

The ‘sad’ was an insightful and stark look at the hard times and corrupting forces of media endured by so many of us these days. The aforementioned ‘silly’ was a beautiful homage to childhood joy and the ridiculousness of the everyday. Also did I mention there’s a tree! Like, on stage.

Go see this show before it sells out, on at the Subiaco Arts Centre until Saturday night.