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8 things you didn’t know about nudes!

The first nudes were statues

The Ancient Greeks loved to run around in the nude all the time. And you know how art imitates life? Well, a bunch of sculptors made some statues (called ‘Kourous’) which “embodied Greek ideas of moral and physical beauty, nobility, and youth.” (For those of you wondering, yes, the dicks on these statues were super small) 

Erotic imagery is older than Jesus

So, they may have not been nudes but some of the first erotic imagery dates back to 30,000 B.C. It seems our early ancestors loved decorating their walls with paintings of various sexual acts. 

Pigeons are the real love birds

In the 12th century people used carrier birds to send naughty notes! Slight catch though, it took 6 months to get your significant other’s response. Way to dampen the mood. 

Urban Dictionary has the vocab

Back in 2005, a user called ‘madmaxxx’ posted on Urban Dictionary the definition of the word ‘nudes.’ Madmaxxx wrote; “Nude pics a chick posts of herself in a forum. Often times if a hottie post a regular pic, the other poster will keep asking for “nudes?” or “n00dz plz.” This shows that people have always been creepy AF on the internet. 

Man boobs?

It’s rumoured that the renaissance sculptor Michelangelo was a homosexual, which would make sense, since he preferred to use male models over female ones when making his work. This resulted in some… interesting anatomical choices, with female bodies being painted in a very masculine way. Often, they looked like men with boobs! What do you think?

Are facts, facts?

In an Internet-based survey, 53% of women aged between 18 and 34 claim to have received nude photos from men, while only 22% of men have sent a dick-pic. Those few men are on a mission. 

Jokes aside

24% of high school teens (aged 14 to 17) have participated in sending or receiving nudes, with 12% of teenage participation caused by peer-pressure. 

Gay men are more truthful

A survey found that 83% of gay men send dick-pics on gay dating apps. But how many of them are “STR8?”