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Big Brother Babblings : Ep 1

Welcome one and all to the loosest commentary on any reality show that you’ve potentially ever read. Step into the brains of two shameless Big Brother fans, Holly and Rose as they word vomit, all over your screen, their thoughts on the best reality show of all time (this point is HIGHLY debatable).

Why are they doing this you ask? No logical reason, other than using this as an outlet for their unwarranted opinions. Don’t expect this to be a recap or anything too sophisticated, you’ll just be bitterly let down. Enjoy!

First impressions overview:

Rose: I forgot how much I hate ads, Why do people watch free to air


Rose: OMG so dramatic – BUDGET

Rose: My partner just said it looks like the start of a formula one race

Holly: Lol how they bring the contestants in kinda like the bachelor in cars – to meet their bachelorette Sonia Kruger 

Holly: Interesting them bringing them in groups- i don’t like it!

Holly: That was kind of scary when Sonia said “seal off the door!”

Rose: High production high trash

The house/interior design:

Holly: The house high key looks the same – despite Big Brother saying otherwise

Holly: Diary room chair looks uncomfortable 

Rose: My main concern is that the chair doesn’t look comfy to cry on


Rose: Love the secret button very high tech Narnia

Rose: The ru-veal of the sneaky room is very fun. It’s big spy movie energy coming in and out of the couch

Rose: Love the safe house. Reminds me of The Mole. MOLE PEOPLE. I’d hide just to get some piece of quiet

Rose: I’d like to see a floor plan of the house

(First impressions)The housemates:

Okay, so we did write something about everyone but for the sake of space and sanity… we’re going to just chat about the people of note… so far… 

Shout out to: Katie, Carlos (luv u), Renata, Sid, Christina, Sarah Jane/ SJ (omg ur an icon will chat about u soon x) and Mitch. There’s 12 people in the house so far and still more to come in! Our work is cut our for us. 

Farm girl Mel 🐑

Spice rating:

Holly: 10/10

Rose: 8/10

Entertainment rating :

Holly & Rose: 7/10


Holly: 3 Cute kids, cute animals – Vaycay from kids?

Holly: Straight up asked Daniel if he had work done ahah – for that comment she gets a 10/10 spice rating 

Rose: Holding a lamb and child is pretty damn impressive

Rose: I’ve never understood people who say they have to go on reality tv for their families, i just find it hard to believe that this was your best option

Rose: Note to everyone: if you’re ever in an emergency, film in LANDSCAPE

Rose: Saying Daniel is sharp is definitely a read from Mel. She’s the first one we’ve seen and for me that means she will go far. How much coaching did Mel get from the producers to be nothing but farm girl that can’t be her whole personality

Real Estate Agent Daniel 🏘

Spice rating:

Rose: 5/10

Holly: 4/10

Entertainment rating:

Holly & Rose 8/10



Holly: Kinda shy in front of Sonia – RED FLAG THAT HE’S A REAL ESTATE AGENT

Rose: Oh no, if someone says they are direct that’s a bad start, I automatically assume you’re rude

Holly: HE’S 70 LOL WHAT – wait no he’s not he’s a troll 

Holly: Real estate agent giving people tours of the house 

Rose: Daniel is showing people round like he’s the agent lol

Rose: AHHHHHHH dropping that every woman has left him that hurt 

Rose: No 

Rose: Oh no

Rose: I think he’s going to assume things will go his way and it won’t because he’s going to annoy people

OUR FAVE Flex Mami/Lillian 🐊

Spice rating: 

Holly: 10/10

Rose:  8/10 i need to see more

Entertainment rating:

Rose & Holly 10/10 bias af



Rose: I’m bias and I can’t pretend I’m not Holly: same

Holly: Her skin is glowing 

Holly: Do the other housemates know that such an icon is among them

Rose: Do you reckon Flex knows SJ? Social media circles?

Rose: I like all her loungewear choices, good packing

Token sport boy Max🥉

Spice rating:

Rose & Holly 2/10

Entertainment rating: 

Rose: 0/10 love triangle doesn’t entertain me

Holly: 1/10 not impressed by the attitude


Holly: Iron man gives me lego man vibes

Holly: How funny that athletes think only athletes are naturally competitive 

Rose: Do producers celebrate with beers when they find athletes willing to do reality tv? They love the promo of an athlete as a human

Holly: Why is being single embarrassing? 

Holly: Uh oh his ex gf is podcast girl/fitness gal Rose:OH NO I hate this. He’s NOT HAPPY

Rose: I hated that he called BB Big Dog but LOVED BB calling him Little Pup

Rose: I just don’t connect with him as a contestant im not interested

Holly: Note to producers, babes… we’re done with the straight showmances. That’s what MAFS is for. 

Thoughts on the challenge:

Holly: Looks scary imo

Holly: I did a similar thing on a school camp once and it’s scary

Rose: I would have cried doing this at school for sure

Holly: The stacking element looks silly but i like the more mental element

RoseL Honestly when people cheer me on I feel worse, so I really feel for Flex in this

Rose: I appreciate that BB is complimenting outfits

Iconic moments/this needs to be a meme:

Holly: Just anything nick and daniel at this point 

Holly: Flex sitting sad on the pole 🙁 She still looks so cute though her pink track suit

Holly: Nick’s towel poncho

Holly: Crawling back through the sofa lol

Rose: The boys sitting at the bottom of the pool like kids

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Holly: Flex

Rose: Nicholas’ dog Edwina

Who would I vote out:❌

Holly: Max

Rose: Max

Rose: HEEEYYYY! I didn’t expect anyone to vote. I personally don’t think it’s any loss to have lost Max this early – I think he was going to cause trouble and a boring plot line. Dan was going to have a target on him anyway, so he may as well vote someone out and play the game. 

Final thoughts: 🧠

Rose: Big Brother has changed a lot since it’s first time round in Aus. It’s more like Survivor and relies on the tricks of the house. I’m not mad at the latter, I love when Big Brother plays some jokes, but I don’t care so much for the full on challenges. 

Overall, the show is only as good as the attention you put in – it’s people driven and so if you’re willing to put in the time I think it looks like a good season. If you only come in and out, I don’t think it’s going to make much sense. 

I really hope the season lets us see all players, and not just the narrative per episode. I do want to care, but I need to be shown a reason to. 

Holly: I enjoyed this first ep overall. Can’t deny I did laugh a lot. Some changes to format such as bringing the contestants in groups doesn’t sit right with me. The first three to enter, did.not.vibe at all. How awkies. I think we both didn’t like the section of the ep where they shredded those items the contestants asked for, it was redundant, wasteful and environmentally damaging. How are you going to SHRED a F&%*$#G coffee machine? Will tune in for next ep.