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Sheep and Unlikely Friendships: Big Brother Babblings Ep 2

Welcome to instalment two in Big Brother Babblings, the re-cap that is not a re-cap and gives you little to no context on what is actually being discussed.

I know we said no re-caps, that was just to establish that we are not reliable nor comprehensive, but… here’s our best attempt:

One liner Nick continues his strange friendship with the human embodiment of the real estate industry, Dan (who tans, and probably likes to lay on the sand… i’ll stop). 

You’d think as polar opposites, these two would want nothing more than to flee each other after being released from their three day bunker lock down.

Holly: Is this a bromance? Mixed with a frenemy dynamic?

Rose: [Nick] Commentary King. He would be great on GoggleBox. Seems like an actually good guy

Alas, that is not the case as they have now formed a, seemingly, unbreakable alliance along with farm gal Mel. Speaking of Mel, in exchange for a piece of flesh to cook, big brother tasked Mel with hiding some sheepies around the house without being found by fellow housemates. 

Holly: I’d like a little sheep 

Rose: Okay the sheep challenge is very cute.

Yes, so it started off cute with hiding a little sheep figurine but with each new sheep to hide, the scale/volume/mass of the sheep increased. Mel enlisted Dan for sheep hiding assistance.

Rose: The spy music is killing me. THE GIANT SHEEP! 

Holly: I’d like the big sheep

Rose: I love her commitment! Give her a lamb sponsorship already. I’m so impressed by her all round.

The crescendo came when Mel and Dan were forced to hide a true-to-size sheep figure… which they put in a toilet. 

Credit: Big Brother/Big Brother/ Seven


You don’t get to know the new housemates as they’re quickly guided onto a Big Brother Dreamliner by their hostess Sonia. We do get a bio from Tilly (20), however. Who tells us she’s smart but doesn’t want people to know.


Rose: Another cute dog thank you

Holly: Does she study fashion merchandising though?

Holly: Fun fact the aeroplane/flight simulator was a challenge done on the last season of Big Brother UK. 

Big brother decides the flight will take 24hours, most of which will be filled with turbulence (brought on by our old housemates pressing a random button which they think just gives them compliments) and crying babies who spring out of trap doors.

Holly: This challenge, if you can call it that, seems horrific. I’d go stir crazy.

Rose: I really wish I could be in the pitching room for the pranks BB plays. The compliment button/turbulence button was great. Do people just sit in a room drinking coffee like a normal meeting but shout out the most ridiculous things they can think of? 

Credit: Big Brother/Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge/They could’ve cut this shit out:

Tbh I can’t be bothered explaining what they had to do for this challenge. It was similar to the last one. 

Holly: Mel won, good for her. 

Rose: These challenges are tough! BB looks fun right up until these super physical challenges. 

Rose: This challenge went for so long I skipped ahead lol

Misc thoughts:

Rose: Hearing Katie say Dan is a strong player and like someone she has to win over has me shook! Just because someone says they’re a big player doesn’t mean you have to listen to them?? Dan has me perplexed – I was sure everyone was going to hate on him after voting out Max

Holly: Katie looks familiar, has she been on anything else?

Rose: I really can’t relate to competitive people

Holly: Flex, where can I get your cute red and white look from? Did you make it? Seems like something you’d make. 

Rose: This is just a Flex stan account

Rose: Dan forgetting Renata’s name seemingly on purpose – not funny tbh

Holly: “BB, nobody is named Retata”

Credit: Big Brother/Big Brother/ Seven

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Holly: Nick

Rose: I’d live with Melissa – she obviously cooks a great roast and would be up for housemate antics

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: Katie – based purely on her being so competitive and so good at challenges.

Holly: Ditto. She’s clearly a threat in challenges and I don’t like how keen on Max she was.

Final thoughts: 🧠

So Mel won the challenge with her incredible upper body strength, developed through holding babies and lambs. She decided to put up our gals, SJ, Flex/Lillian and Katies for Elimination. The cast decided they don’t like icons and eliminated Flex… or did they actually crown her? You decide.

Holly: They consistently vote out the black people first. Last year they evicted all the POCs in the first go pretty much. Obviously, people aren’t consciously thinking of eliminating the people of colour, or at least i’d hope that’s not the case, but it’s just disappointing to see this happen AGAIN. I miss Flex already. I was so ready for her to be the season narrator. 

Rose: Say👏it👏

Rose: Oh she seems smart and strategic could it be because she’s a woman of colour who wouldn’t take your shit down the line?

Holly: ngl i started looking at bunnies to adopt during the challenge. I hope they do some mental challenges soon. Bring back a good old fashioned spelling bee.