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Tears and Potato Skins: Big Brother Babblings Ep 3

Mere seconds after Big Brother turned into a tragedy following the unfair elimination of our Lord and Saviour Flex Mami, eight new housemates were released from the fake airplane cage and into the BB house.

Holly: Main character Dan is NOT impressed by new housemates

While most of the old HMs are enamoured by their new friends, particularly by Tilly (Woods), Dan was pissed off… and things only got worse for him.

Holly: Tilly asked Dan if he got his tattoo in Bali lol 

Skip to the next morning and BB decided to shove his kinks in everyone’s face by filling the house with balloons. 

SJ was concerningly into the balloons.

Holly: SJ defs has a balloon kink 

Rose: LOL I was about to say the same

The balloons were part of a pointless “challenge” which was not interesting enough to further elaborate on.

Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

We then had our hearts torn out when we find out that new HM Jess’s Nan is in hospital and likely to pass away soon.

Holly: Oh my god, I’m so so sorry Jess. What a shit situation. The housemates comforting her was so nice. 

Rose: Not the sad music no

Rose: I’m skipping this part no

Rose: Poor Jess. That’s such shitty news to get.

We finally get a small segment on Sid, who turns out to be the most talented person alive and has won a Lester Prize! 

Holly: Ohh hey Sid. Damn he won the Lester Prize! 

There was some drama in the kitchen over some potato skins where Renata got a bit spicy. SHE DID NOT WANT POTATO SKINS OKAY.

Holly: I respect that. Not everyone wants potato skins. They have to be cooked in a certain way to appeal to me. 

Rose: If you’re the fussy one about food, you’re never going far. It’s just the rules.

The Challenge:  The housemates have to hold up a steel bar thing with a rope and it looks hard. 

Holly: I’d be out immediately.

Holly: BB saying this requires mental strength. No? This is a physical challenge

The men were all weak as F&%K hehe and dropped their bars leaving only the girls in the game!

Holly: The girls doing so well was a highlight fuck the boys 

Rose: I am so impressed by the determination in these women! 

Holly: Jess is hot 

Rose: Yes this is true^

Rose: 30 minute mark in the challenge and all I can think about is how bored I’d be if it was me (and I somehow had the physical strength to do the challenge)

The final two left were Farm Gal Mel and Hot AFLW player Jess. Both in it to win it, Jess tried to convince Mel to give in. Even telling her she wouldn’t Nom her if she won. This seemingly did not phase Mel who kept at it but ultimately gave in.

Holly: THIS IS SO INTENSE two members of different alliances vs each other in a show down. MEL IS RUTHLESS NOT GIVING IN (she gave in).

Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

So Jess was kinda sneaky and did actually nominate Mel, eek.

Holly: Melissa’s face when she was nom’d omg

She also nominated Renata and Sid (safe vote).  Dan was again pissed off at this and said Katie planted this idea in Jess’s head.Katie denied it. There was more huffing and puffing from Dan, who did a diva walk out on Katie. 

Rose: Literally huffing and puffing like get over it. Dan getting on my nerves, that’s DRAMA in my books 

It’s a game! I really don’t know why people take it so personally this early on (says woman sitting on couch not playing stressful game)

Then Renata got super pissed off with Jess, saying the same Katie stuff as Dan. 

Rose: We could’ve lost a little of Renata’s drama (so she doesn’t get as bad of an edit) and showed us Sid getting ready for nominations – did he scramble at all?

The huffing and puffing continued in the elimination room where there was big Dan & Renata VS Katie (and kinda Jess) energy. 


When speaking to Jess she threw out an iconic shady line, “Are you wearing Katie’s top, because it looks good on you.” 


Ultimately Renata was booted out.

Misc thoughts:

Rose: I can’t believe Nick and Dan are still friends

Rose: RIP the interns who blew up all the balloons 

Rose: These are the challenges that make me think about how different Big Brother is compared to back in the day where they were hoping to see housemates hook up after lights out

Holly: Dan’s new beard/stubble is interesting

Rose:I’m getting ads for Macquarie Uni while I watch this which feels like a stark contrast to my viewing habits

Rose: Ari has big Blair Waldorf vibes

Holly: Tilly has a natural blush? Or does she just make it look natural. Pretty!

Rose: Tilly’s lack of filter is pretty endearing and would make for both the most infuriating and entertaining housemate

Rose: She’s wrong though, the diary room isn’t pretty

Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Holly: Jess

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: Mel – strategic move because she’s lovable and good at challenges

Holly: Sid. So far not adding anything to the house.

Final thoughts: 🧠

Rose: A weird thought I had: I find it uncomfy when people complain about being nominated because it then begs the question, who should have been nominated then? Bring in RuPaul saying, who should leave? I also can’t figure out what the best strategy is when they do the nomination “scramble” – talk to everyone and you look desperate, play it cool and you look too cool and get kicked off like Flex (RIP). 

Holly: Enjoyed this ep. Was better than the last. Wish that the balloon thing was going to actually lead somewhere interesting. Promos for next week look good!