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Walking on Delusion and Desperation: Big Brother Babblings Ep 4

It’s day nine in the Big Brother house and the housemates are woken with the hit I’m Walking on Sunshine but it’s not the Glee version. The HMs are starting to demonstrate signs of Stockholm syndrome as they dance and sing in a possessed manner, blessing their captor BB for the morning tune.

Holly: If i was woken up like this i’d be pissed off.

The only person who was, rightfully, angry at the obnoxious alarm clock was Tilly who announced that the song was Trash and “I’m ready to go walk on the moon and go back to sleep”

Holly: Same

This was just the introduction of big brother’s surprise week. Later in the day BB announces his first surprise week challenge; “Scareoke”. The housemates must sing I’m Walking on Sunshine while putting their hands and heads in boxes of unknown creepy things. 

Rose: usually the biggest scare at karaoke is who incorrectly thinks they can sing Sia

The prize for completing the challenge was a reuniting Carlos with his long lost brother, Coffee (they would get an espresso machine).

Rose: Shit yourself in the challenge so you can shit yourself from coffee

If you’re trying to imagine this challenge, just think of what every (non-eating) challenge is in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. All the HMs give it a good go, even though some of the stuff they were touching was utterly horrifying.

Holly: It’s the dead octopus for me! :’(

But one HM, Charlotte f&*@!d it up for everyone and refused to do the challenge. 

Rose: Charlotte noping out of the challenge – like I totally get it, but the target on her back is going to be intense

This meant no coffee machine, instead BB delivered a single plunger of coffee for the WHOLE house to share.

Holly: I was hoping BB wouldn’t let them off on this one. I’m sick of him being nice.

Left: Tilly versus Chicks | Right the Face of utter exhaustion. Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

Other stuff that happens: Tilly puts chickpeas in her muesli… an almost fatal decision 

Nick tells BB he thinks there’s a divide between old HMs and new. He tells BB he thinks there’s an alliance between the new HMs and he will get to the bottom of this issue. Either he or BB came up with calling him a sheriff (idk) but he takes on the role seriously by enlisting Dan to help him find out if there’s a divide and alliance. 

Rose: Now to be known as “Sheriff Nicholas”. Get that man a sheriff badge and a detective sidekick he’s good to go!

They don’t get very far though in “getting to the bottom” of the divide when the duo decide some house renovations should be done to separate the two groups. 

Mary makes some pumpkin soup for the starving HMs who have resorted to eating spinach like chips. It’s a hit.

Holly: Bless the literal Mother Mary 

When the soup is lick the pot good. Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge:

The house mates are split “randomly” by BB into two teams breaking up the alliances. The winning team will nominate as a group for who they want up for eviction. They then have to verse each other in a tug of war/pushing each side out of the arena sort of game.

The challenge is split into a few rounds, each round requires different housemates to step up and push for their team.

Rose: Another physical challenge. I’m getting pretty bored of them! Maybe that’s my not-competitive nature showing. I imagine these are getting pretty hard given how little food they get.

Ultimately one team prevails, who was on it? Off the top of my head… uh… Dan, SJ and oh Charlotte. 

Rose: I feel like Charlotte was lucky she was in the winning team (post coffee fail)

Holly: She really got herself some airtime

Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

So half the house strolls into the diary room and Dan, being the alpha/king of the jungle, leads the way on nominations. “The group” (Dan) decides Mary is up (as she is a safe bet), so is a lovely guy called Michael (FROM PERTH) and Tilly. 

SJ tries to say her reason for nominating Tilly was that she ate all the chickpeas.

Holly: As a fellow vegan, I feel like SJ has a point there. But i’d mostly nominate Tilly over her putting the chickpeas IN her muesli wtf.

When the nominations are announced Tilly refuses to fight for her place in the house even after a pep talk from Dan. 

The house seems truly divided over nominating either Tilly or Michael (Mary was off the table after her beut pumpkin soup). In the elimination room Tilly really did a 180 and showed the house how attentive she is by listing a fact about everyone in the room! And it was impressive!

Rose: Tilly did such a good job naming peoples’ kids and partners!

Holly: Although Michael seems so sweet and kind… Tilly brings more to us as viewers on the entertainment front.

Michael goes home by just one vote

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Mary – she looks like a great cook!

Holly: Mary – seems like such a comforting person to have around.

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: Katie – she’s got a strong team working with her

Holly: Dan – he’s also got a team and is very cunning

Final thoughts: 🧠

Rose: I wish they’d stop editing people in only to get them out. I hope that settles down as the episodes go on. Also 3 nights a week and an hour and 15 minutes each is a lot of content, I think it needs reducing. Enjoying getting to see more of the housemates but overall I found tonight a bit repetitive!

Holly : When are we getting a shopping challenge? If they’ve got rid of that i’ll be pissed off. Also we never see all the nominations being said…could the vote actually be manipulated by producers if they wanted to? I really thought Tilly was a goner tonight.