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Bullies and Balls: Big Brother Babblings Ep 5

The surprises keep coming and coming this episode. First Mary tries to match make her daughter with Big Brother… which is a surprise to Big Brother (and depending on which daughter potentially a conflict of interest).

Rose: “I’d be happy to have you as my son in law, you’ll be fat” – honestly what more could you want in a mother in law.

Rose: Mary is that older woman in the club everyone becomes besties with, an everyday icon. She would definitely give you top notch advice about shitty men.

Anyway, BB informs the group that he will be surprising them throughout the day and they CANNOT react otherwise they lose the challenge. The reward? Kentucky Fried Chicken. Even the vegans were down to play. 

TWINKY Credit: Big Brother/ Seven


A little dog walks… I mean struts in. Turns out it’s Twinky! Tilly’s lil pup! She remains dedicated to the challenge and refuses to acknowledge the dog-rat hybrid.

Holly: Omg Twinky! Poor gal. I’d find it so hard not to react. 

Rose: That rat (sorry dog) is the cutest thing ever! His little walk!!!

Other surprises include more dogs, cob webbed diary rooms and creepy clowns pie-ing people.

The housemates are ultimately victorious and win KFC!

Rose: At least the KFC would sedate everyone into a food coma

Holly: Ari is delighted! Jumping for joy.

Rose: Which KFC do you reckon they use? 

Alexa, play Levitating by Dua Lipa. Credit: Big Brother/ Seven


Magician Chris finally decides to do some magic 

Rose: Okay I usually don’t like magicians HOWEVER in a house when I’m bored AF gimme all the magicians you’ve got.

Then there’s an bathroom encounter between Katie and Dan. Dan tells Katie he’s coming after her like a freight train. 

Rose: Dan thrives in confrontation. 

Holly: This is uncomfortable… Dan might need to check himself for some internalised (well the actions are external) misogyny. He doesn’t speak to his male threats like this or try to intimate them in bathrooms.

The Challenge

HMs walk across a beam to deliver a ball to a platform on the other end of the beam. The ball must stay on the platform as the HMs walk back along the beam to retrieve another ball.

Holly: It looks hard

Dan and Charlotte team up, reluctantly. They yell at each other for stuffing it up constantly.

Rose: Tilly is giving sporty Barbie vibes and I LOVE it.

Holly: OMG Danny and Charlotte arguing in the challenge yikes

Rose: I feel like Nick is the only one who would put up with Danny in a challenge

Holly: Tilly thanks the fairies for their help 

Rose: And asking BB to shush please hahaha

Tilly thanks her fairies for helping her cross the beam successfully and then tells BB to STFU when he says she’s in danger.

Mel and Tilly prevail and win despite semi-fierce competition with Jess and Katie.

Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

To make things brief

Mel and Tilly decide to nominate Charlotte, Magic Man Chris and Mama (Safe Vote Mary). Chris goes home.

misc thoughts & more

Holly: We’re starting to see more of Marley. I teared up when he opened up to SJ about losing his mum to cancer when he was 21. He says that’s where he gets his strength from.

Rose: Marley seems like an absolute sweetheart and a bit of a joker – perfect combination in a housemate.

Rose: I’d like to see the house split up into different teams for a few days to get them to realign themselves with different people, shake it up a bit. 

Holly: I’d like to see a shopping challenge! Where art thou?

Rose: I am really struggling to watch Dan. I don’t need to see him in every scene. Sure, he creates drama but it’s not that funny and he kind of just bothers me.

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Marley

Holly: Mary 

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: Charlotte

Holly: Charlotte