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Tofu and Tim Tams: Big Brother Babblings Ep 6

Episode 5, day who knows in the BB house and the HMs are falling asleep around the house from a mixture of starvation and boredom. Sonia narrates that the HMs are on a 1200 calorie per day diet…

Holly: 1200 calories a day is classified as starving by the UN isn’t it?

Rose: It’s the classic amount of calories in any restrictive diet app. 

BB decides now is the time to deliver what we have all been waiting for… A SHOPPING CHALLENGE!

Holly: I like shopping challenges because they mix in with their normal day to day interactions. More classic/OG big brother style. In the UK version the shopping challenges would go on practically all week!

Somewhere within this episode we learn more about Mitch who is a bird watcher and has a crush on Christina (these two things are unrelated). He asks her on a date, kind of. She accepts but later tells BB she doesn’t see anything more than friendship.

Holly: No showmances please!

Rose: Hearing Mitch tell Sid about birds kind of makes me want Mitch to have a bird watching tv show.

the game

To secure a decent shopping budget the HMs are told there are alarms all around the house (BB’s new security system) and when an alarm sounds, the name of the HM which appears on the screen must run, in under 15 seconds, find the alarm and turn it off. Each alarm hit is worth $10 towards the shopping budget. BB has even put an alarm in the pool, bless him.

Rose: I sleep through my morning alarms at least 3 times a day, i would fail this immediately

After failing a few alarm hits, ex-cricketer Nick decides it’s time for a team pep talk. 

Holly: It’s quite inspiring actually.

Rose: I need Nick to give me a pep talk before work every day.

When the challenge is over BB reveals the alarm sounded 41 times and the housemates missed it 19 times. Meaning they have $220 to spend on 15 people. Yikes.

RUN MEL Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

The shopping is always very intense. SJ demanded spices and ‘hard’ tofu while Tilly pleaded for lollies. People are always disappointed and essential food items left out.


Rose: This is why I never shared cooking with housemates

Holly: SJ was annoying 

Holly: Tilly asking for lollies bless her

Rose: Actually a good point made by Dan and Nick – Tilly got that button a bunch of times and she should’ve gotten some lollies

Dan had been obsessing over doing a Tim Tam slam and finally gets to do one. He goes back for another Tim Tam, offers to cut it in half… but SJ stops him in his tracks and tells him it’s not fair for him to have half (he needs to cut it into sixteenths apparently… uhhhh). 


Rose: For once I agree with Dan just let a few people have them.

No protein? No carbs? Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge

The shopping challenge felt like it went for ages and was going to be the only challenge this ep! No…

The HMs working in pairs must hold themselves on opposite sides of a frame using a rope, which is not fixed to the frame, and each HM must hold on to it.

Holly: Nick is the only sun smart person in this house with a hat on and long sleeves! 

Tilly and Mel hang in there again and almost win but when it comes down to them and Dan & Christina, they let Dan have it.

Daniel and Christina trot off to the nominations room where they nom; Mary, Sid and SJ. Dan says SJ is the target (due to being an annoying vegan apparently) and the other two are safe votes. 


Rose: They can’t vote SJ out, they’ll never finish the tofu

Credit: Big Brother/ Seven


In the eviction room Dan leads the convo, again. SJ has come to accept the fact she’s a goner and… she is… or is she?

When leaving BB stops her and “surprises” her with a second life, and access to his secret attic. She’s ecstatic.

Meanwhile, in the eviction room the HMs are told the jokes on them and their safe votes because guess what! It’s a double eviction!

This time Mama Mary, the chef of the house is booted! Alas, not everything is as it seems and she gleefully joins SJ in the attic.

Holly: I knew BB wouldn’t let these two icons leave this early. It’s like with Angela last year. Are the HMs ever really in control?

Rose: Surely they’ll go up into the attic and then battle it out.

Rose: I’m convinced BB is just indoors Survivor 

Mary relieved she’s not getting the boot! Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

final thoughts

Rose: I enjoyed tonight’s episode! Felt a bit more balanced. Love the multiple reveals of the double eviction and the attic. I feel like Mary as she fell to the floor. “I hope it’s alcohol” lol

Holly: Yes, this is what I’m here for! Finally a shopping challenge and good twists!

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Tilly – I’ll buy her lollies

Holly: None of them. Idk. Maybe Sid? He doesn’t seem too annoying.

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: Mary – after seeing SJ get fiery I would want to work with her to get Dan out. And I couldn’t get rid of Sid

Holly: I think I would find this elimination hard but maybe SJ?