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Push the button and Let Me Know: Big Brother Babblings Ep 8

Ep opens with the HMs playing charades, Mary is making vegan biscuits and Danny and Nick are sulking following their failed coup.

Holly: and i knew immediately that Christina was miming Shrek

Tilly discovers a big button! Everyone tells her not to push it

Holly: I’d do it. Let’s spice things up

BB let’s the HMs know that the big red button will light up, play a song and they can press the button if they dare… It could be good it could be bad! Anything is possible.

Tilly is ready and eager to press the button, she wants a bag of lollies. Her wishes are almost answered when she presses the button and … CUE AN ICECREAM VAN DRIVES IN

PUSH IT! Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

Deals with the Danny

Danny arranges a meeting with who he’s calling the top 6 including his alliance members Nick and Mel and his arch enemies Katie, Jess and Marley 

What does he want? A deal.

His terms? Until top 10 if any people in either alliance win a challenge they will not put each other up. Katie rightly says she’ll think about it

Tilly walks right into the alliance meeting and delivers food 

Then Ari walks in! 

Holly: Uh oh Ari is not dumb he’ll know somethings up with these guys all in the same room hmmmmm

The meeting does not go Danny’s way

Rose: I missed the start lol but as I jumped in Danny is scrambling for people to form alliances. 

Rose: An ad for LinkedIn job alerts just got cut off short for Big Brother to restart and honestly I think that sums up

Sad Danny Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

Next button hit!

Jess hits it and wins the house 15mins with PUPPIES

Rose: OMG THE PUPPIES. Honestly letting the housemates keep a dog wouldn’t be a bad thing

Mitch camps next to the button because he just wants to do something. He hits it.

BB gives him some ingredients to cook. BB reckons he’s a wingman and says Mitch can cook this for him and one other person. Mitch decides this is the perfect time for his date with Christina.

Rose: So you think Mitch had to cook the meal himself? 

Holly: Surely Maria cooked this

Rose: Honestly if Mitch strikes out with Christina I have a bunch of friends who would love some bird chat and a platypus tour

Rose: Christina, there is no limit to how many platypus facts you should hear on a date ahaha 

Holly: Ari is the only person who doesn’t think they’re compatible ahah Tells it like it is

Christina is unfortunately not enamoured by the bird facts 

Nick gets his makeup done by the girls.

He thinks his eyebrows look good. SJ says his eyes pop.

Holly: why hasn’t this been done sooner? I’d be getting everyone up in drag.

Rose: I think Nick is feeling himself – nothing like a bit of glam to feel pretty 


Sid pushes and gets a punishment… he receives a copy of Danny’s book ‘So you wanna be a real estate super star’. Danny gets to give Sid a private reading. Turns out Danny has some deep and heartfelt stuff in the book. It makes him cry. BB lets him skip to a happier chapter.

Rose: AHHHH Sid getting Danny’s book, that’s too funny. I feel like it was set up to be funny and then Danny cried and then they panicked and had to direct the scene to be wholesome/heartfelt. It IS funny though.

Holly: Danny ends up finding inspiration from himself and honestly, same. 

Danny decides to really cement his place as the most hated housemate by running around screaming while banging pots and pans. The delusion is real.

Pretty Nick Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

The challenge

Housemates hold onto a pulley that holds their body weight on a plank – drop the handle, you fall off the plank. 

Holly: I got distracted reading about the Obama’s dog that died and missed what the go was with the challenge

Holly: Katie said she felt like her spine was being lengthened and i think i’d like to try it for that purpose

It’s a hard challenge. HMs drop quickly. Tilly seems like she’s having fun. 

Rose: if you’re not physically fit/strong don’t even think about applying for BB

Rose: this challenge is well suited to people who would’ve been good at monkey bars as a kid

After an hour and a half Tilly wins with incredible ease. Off to nominate she goes.

Tilly sees Katies as her biggest competitor. She says Dan has the balls to do everyone’s dirty work. But she doesn’t want to “start a war” so…

The nominees are SJ, Mitch and Sid (safe vote again)

Holly: I like that Tilly is keeping our main characters in for a while


As button pusher Nick gets to remove one of the nominated HMs from the house so they can’t plead their case before eviction. 

Mitch is picked and gets trapped in a cage hanging from a crane, unable to talk to any of the housemates. He loves it because he can bird watch from up there.

Mitch living his best life Credit: Big Brother/ Seven

In the eviction room

Tilly says everyone up is a ‘safe’ vote. SJ is OVER it and tells everyone to STOP WITH THE SAFE VOTES!

Rose: So glad SJ is calling out the safe votes, no votes are safe!

After being in the cage for two-hours, Sonia allows Mitch to plead his case. He tells everyone which type of bird they are.


Rose: Mitch describing each person as a bird is so cute! Give me a buzzfeed quiz for which native bird I am pls

Sid once again, receives no votes but the toll of these nominations is getting to him.

Ultimately it was 4 votes for SJ and 9 votes for Mitch. His final words… Danny, Nick and Mel are goners if they don’t win challenge. Oooh yep!

Final Thoughts:

Holly: Tilly is amazing. She genuinely is not phased by these challenges. Mitch is very charming with his love of birds. I felt for him in that cage even though he enjoyed it.

Rose: I’m pleased to see the pressure on both alliances is forcing them to make bigger moves. Much more exciting for us!

Holly: A war is bound to break out soon. The tension is rising.

Misc Thoughts:

Rose: Mitchell is a “2D animator” – I wonder what show he works on. 

I tried to google it, and found out Mitch is planning on spending his winnings (if he were to win) on buying part of a rainforest to save it from developers https://www.tropicnow.com.au/2021/april/23/cairns-man-joins-cast-of-new-big-brother-season

Holly: the diary room chair is looking dirty 

Rose: how many producers do you reckon the show has? Because it seems like the housemates chat to BB every chance they get. It’d be pretty demanding.

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Mitch obviously

Holly: Maria <3

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: SJ

Holly: Mitch