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A $260 Phone Call: Big Brother Babblings Ep 11

We open with a montage of Ari forgetting to wear his microphone. Thus, BB punishes Ari by asking him to clean the bathroom with a toothbrush.

Rose: Ari reminds me of a great quote from Paris Hilton “If someone ever asks you to do something for them, do it really bad so you never have to do it again.”

Danny is playing nice, trying to win back some cred with the rest of the house.

Rose: I’m going to sound like Ari, but if people don’t see through this, they don’t deserve to win. 

Rose: They’ve got a nice succulent/cacti wall growing above the pool if you look closely.


We’re back on the stressful shopping shit, with a fake tree appearing in the backyard. It’s a money tree. Each leaf is worth $20 and if housemates catch a leaf before it falls to the ground, they get the money. 

Rose: so it’s basically the “don’t let the balloon touch the ground” game. Is Big Brother just a bunch of party hosting parents from the early 2000s? 

BB calls in Danny Boy so he can say goodbye to his bestie Nick. Twist is, that he has to sabotage the shopping challenge to get a phone call. 

Rose: I think my friends would pay $20 for me to call them less frequently tbh.

They end up winning about $280 for the 11 people. Tilly finally gets her lollies!

Turns out Danny lost the house $260 in food (RIP him if the house finds out) but he does get to talk to the love of his life – Nick. They don’t really talk about anything, it’s just them catching up. 

Rose: Danny’s plotline is classic revenge strategy. Get’s revenge on Nick’s (game) death by infiltrating the enemy (Katie). How long until he gets found out and professes his real not faked love for Katie’s team and they kick him out only to see him redeem himself in the end?

Ari Collapses While Cleaning: Big Brother/ Seven

the challenge

On the main stage, category is balls.

Queens, sorry, HOUSEMATES have to pair up and awkwardly walk lips to lips with a plastic ball between them to carry said ball into a bucket on the other side of the room.

It’s as ludicrous as it sounds. 

Rose: It’s almost romantic.

Rose: If this was Channel 10 this would be a bachelor group date 100%

Once the balls are in the bucket, pairs have to bounce the balls down some blocks arranged into stairs, down into another bucket. 

Rose: I am really standing by my kid’s party analogy now. Except this time it’s what the older siblings get up to out in the back garden – beer pong. 

Danny and Marley take out the win.

Rose: uh oh.

Wait..Do we ship???: Big Brother/ Seven

How do you like your eggs? SCRAMBLED.

In the nom room, Marley and Danny start discussing who should be up for eviction.

Somehow Danny convinces Marley they should pick one person each and agree on a third.

Basically just so Danny can nominate Katie without complaint. Smart.

Up for eviction is Katie (nominated by Danny), Ari (nominated by both), Charlotte (nominated by Marley as a safe vote).

Rose: side note – Marley could be a model, he’s very beautiful.

Rose: Christina is so far off everyone’s radar, I wonder if we will see her play the game at all. I’m also shocked no one has nominated Tilly – she’s won so many challenges. 

Rose: Katie being annoyed that Danny nominated her is very hypocritical, after Jess and herself went back on their word and nominated Danny’s alliance a few challenges ago. As if she didn’t think it was coming. It wasn’t even that good of a move! Very predictable. Or at least, from the outside. Yelling at the TV again lol

Rose: I think if someone said I was a threat I’d be thankful for the compliment

At this point, Charlotte isn’t even being considered, it’s all down to Ari and Katie. 

In the eviction room, everyone is stressed about who’s going home.

Rose: I wish they’d stop dragging it out, I’m ready for dinner.

On 6 votes, Katie is evicted. 

Rose: In a great shirt, I wonder where she got it. She played hard, she should be proud.

Final thoughts

Rose: Love another shake up. Speaking of which, we are getting intruders next week, including twins and a self described “challenge beast”. Intruders generally don’t last long but I’d like to see one give it a shot!

Holly: Omg hi guys. Thank you, Rose, for this very in-depth coverage! I enjoyed every minute. I can’t wait to watch Katie’s elimination. What.a.gag. But I’m begging the Housemates PLLLEASSEEEEEEEE vote Charlotte out already!! She does nothing. Christina is kinda going that way too. I Stan Ari. 

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Hmmmm Tilly’s dog would probably be a good choice

Holly: ARI

Who would I vote out:❌

Rose: Katie, she’s a bit boring and way too good of a player.