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Dates and Dominos: Big Brother Babblings Ep 13

Romance is in the air in the BB house. New boy Brenton and OG Christina are seemingly very into each other. 

Holly: I feel like I need to point out that the only screen time Christina has received all season is when she’s in one of the potential shomances. First we had Max, then Bird Boy (who she wasn’t in to) and now Brenton.

Brenton says Christina asks him questions, which he finds sexy.

These riveting questions included “do you tan or burn?” 

Holly: I must admit, although I’m against the showmance, I do like Brenton more than her OG love interest Max.

Rose: Props to Christina and Brenton for bringing the house entertainment. No interest to me as a viewer but seeing everyone else live for it makes me happy. Meta?

showmance interval

The Panic room is back and BB sends Sid and Danny to conquer whatever it has in store.

Rose: They should never let BB pick who participates, of course he picked Danny.

Rose: The interns are back at it! They painted the whole place in dominos. 

They have three hours to line up 2000 dominos. They’re doing well and then Danny effs it up. In a tantrum he throws a domino and causes more to fall over (eyeroll).

Holly: Most of this challenge is just Danny moaning in agony and throwing tantrums

Sid and Danny fail (no surprises) and the domino effect (lol) is that 2 people have to be BB’s watchmen all night. Danny and Sid choose…. Brenton and Christina! Basically forcing them on a date.

The HMs assist in the punishment by styling Brenton and Christina, ready for their security shift. 

Rose: The housemates are so cute getting the pair ready for their punishment sorry date. 

Rose: They pace the hallway asking each other questions they probably stole from Bumble.

Holly: Christina ended up wearing Brenton’s jumper so it’s official.

As Jessie J once said “Take me down like I’m a domino”: Big Brother/ Seven

The challenge

It’s another intruder challenge, giving the old housemates a well earned rest.

This is a particularly weird challenge. There’s two giant funnels per contestant, and they’re filled with corn kernels. As the kernels pour out the bottom, housemates have to use a bucket to fill them back up. It’s another recycled challenge from last year, except last year there was only one funnel. It’s a challenge of intense endurance. 

Holly: I’ve only now realised we have two Charlottes (one twin, one OG) in the house now and we can’t have that.

Rose: It’s good ASMR!

Brenton reigns supreme and wins the challenge.

The scramble this time is picking who to keep in the game and it’s a race between Gabe (team Sid) and Alex (team Danny), other twin Charlotte resigns from the fight.

Jess and Danny have turned a new leaf and are now in full collaboration mode. It’s not necessarily a friendship, very much a strategic alliance. I’m not sure who they’re against exactly? Do people know they’ve formed an alliance?

In the keepination room,

Rose: Sonia is serving sexy beetle

Gabe is saved by the HMs vote, sending the twins sashaying away.

BUT, right as we see the eliminated housemates leave, there’s a twist. The twins can choose to compete in a challenge where only one will survive.

Holly: We already know one of them doesn’t want to stay though??? Also we really don’t need more HMs rn.

What happens next? Well, we’ll find out next ep.

Rose: THAT IS NOT A CLIFFHANGER! We already know who wants to leave!

Very…Corny… Get it?: Big Brother/ Seven

Final thoughts

Rose: Shout out to the best housemate of all – the diary room. Everyone seems so comfy chatting to the big voice and there’s some good lines! I also enjoy how BB likes pointing the obvious out with Danny who does not notice at all that the piss is being taken out of him.

Holly: The recurring argument to be kept is, “I can help you with your game”, seems like groveling to me and at this point… does that actually mean anything? Both of the twins seem like nice people but very shy and that is something I’m just not interested in seeing in this game.

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Maybe Sid? He seems like he keeps his cool.

Holly: Yeah seeing how well he handled Danny’s tantrums in the panic room made me think he wouldn’t be bad to live with.

Who would I vote to keep:

Rose: Gabe

Holly: Gabe