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(Don’t) STOP MOVING!: Big Brother Babblings Ep 14

Following from last ep’s “cliff hanger” the twins have to compete to see who stays in the house. Which is weird given one of them was ready to leave?

They have to balance on a little platform above the pool.

Danny takes it as an opportunity to get them on side considering they can’t move

Rose: It’s like a challenge, lite. 

It’s late at night so most of the housemates go to bed instead of watching the challenge. 

Rose: same tbh

After four hours standing above a pool in freezing weather, one of the twins says they’re going to step off and let the other win. It’s impossible to know which is which.

BB reveals Charlotte is staying. 


Holly: I don’t want two Charlotte’s in the house

Despite one twin staying this will probably be the last clip of airtime they’ll get: Big Brother/ Seven

It’s a shopping challenge!

With the increase in HMs, the old issue of not having enough food or edible food rears its ugly yet entertaining head. SJ has gone as far as creating a secret cubby house to eat chips.

Jess gets a secret challenge to get Tilly, the most active housemate, to move as little as possible. BB has placed a pedometer on her microphone pack without her knowing.

The budget starts at $1000, every 1000 steps made takes $250 off this budget.

The HMs solution is to make Tilly think she’s playing the floor is lava and therefore has to be carried around.

Holly: Seeing Tilly be carried around is hilarious 

Rose: aw this is the content I wanted, more Tilly antics

But what they don’t realise, until it’s too late, the tracker is on Tilly’s belt, therefore recording all of her movements. Even though she’s not making steps, she’s technically moving when being carried. 

The HMs lose $750 from their shopping budget…

Special shout out to Sid wearing a “Perth is Ok” shirt <3

Tilly being carried: Big Brother/ Seven

Ari and Brenton are gunning for each other. Ari is hoping to get Brenton so the power couple ends, and Brenton is trying to get Ari out because he doesn’t trust him, go figure. 

Holly: Brenton says he doesn’t vibe with Ari’s energy, thinking he’s fake. Is this just a case of Brenton not understanding queer humour?

Rose: I really hope they don’t get Ari out because he is the only one left providing decent one liners. Brenton is so BORING. I want to call him Plain Bread Man. Ari is more like a fancy fruit loaf. An expensive one.

Brenton “I just want to sit here and cuddle you” WHAT IN THE TINDER BIO HELL IS THIS

The challenge

Each housemate is given a giant bike pump connected to a balloon that they have to pump up until it reaches a sharp point and pops. 


Rose: I follow Sid’s girlfriend on instagram and I can confirm they go to the gym plenty so he’s well trained for this.

Mitch wins the challenge. 

Rose: The big muscles pay off!

Holly: I didn’t enjoy his shouting during the challenge, it was a bit aggressive 

Mitch puts up Ari, Gabe and Charlotte (original flavour).

Holly: I don’t like Mitch’s petty reasons of “so and so hasn’t made and effort hasn’t sat me down” mate why haven’t YOU made an effort. 

But, in a twist of (planned?) fate, Ari is saved from elimination as his balloon had a hole in it. He also can’t vote. 

Rose: It’s almost too good to be true that Ari got saved. Thank you producers!

Holly: Mitch looked so stressed when Ari was announced he was saved- way to show who you really want out…

Rose: I still find it wild that Jess is working with Danny, after he got out her bestie??

Rose: Charlotte’s nominiation outfit is veeerrrryyyyy cute! 

Gabe reveals in the diary room that he is really struggling. BB gives him a pep talk! It’s very sweet.

Rose: Charlotte refers to herself as not the most “sporty spice” – same hon

We don’t see any scrambling of the nominated HMs, instead it’s just a lot of other people talking.

Huffin and puffin to blow UP these balloons: Big Brother/ Seven

In the elimination room

We see the same drawn out questioning from Sonia before the HMs eventually head off to vote for who they want to evict. As predicted by Ari, it was a close call. Gabe receiving 5 votes and Charlotte receiving 6. 

Charlotte isn’t too sad to be leaving, instead happy to able to finally get her favourite jumper dry cleaned. 

But wait! Before the HMs leave the eviction room, Gabe wants a one on one with BB. BB brings him to the diary room where Gabe explains that he doesn’t feel cut out for this experience and the big personalities in the house. Gabe makes the decision to leave the Big Brother house.

Holly: Kinda a bit late to decide that Gabe, could that not have been decided just before Charlotte left? 

BB does not bring Charlotte back to the house.

Final thoughts

Holly: Well, I got what I’ve been asking for. Bye bye OG Charlotte. I feel bad for her, she’s had no airtime but was in there for FIVE WEEKS. What a waste of time. I’m also finding the long drawn out elimination room conversations redundant now. Unless it’s spicy I don’t care. Soz.

Rose: Charlotte leaving wasn’t that interesting, but seeing Gabe go as well makes it a very interesting dynamic. Next week I’d love to see some people jump ship between alliances and through the place into chaos.

I’m making a list of the boring things Christina and Brenton say that the producers are forcing us to watch;

“Your shoulder is comfy”

“I just want to sit here and cuddle you and eat nutella. Is that too much to ask?”

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Sonia? I don’t know hey haha

Holly: I keep forgetting Marely is in the house- I could live with him

Who would I vote to evict:

Rose: Gabe

Holly: Charlotte