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Shocking Rumours: Big Brother Babblings Ep 15

Okay so actually a lot happened last week! We had a top 10, then a top 16, some identical twins, an unintended double elimination andddd a showmance blossoming.

This ep opens with Christina sneaking into her new lover’s bed at the dead of night! 

Holly: I’m such a light sleeper I’d be clocking that movement from the get go! I have no idea how no one saw this happening.

During the day the HMs are seated at a banquet table where BB tells them that each HM will get their fave food BUT THE CATCH???? The HMs will be fitted with electric shock devices and must carry their food while being electrocuted.

Adriana was very successful in retrieving her food, keeping her entire meal. Danny was being an idiot and tried to carry his dishes with one hand which led to him dropping everything even when not electrocuted. 

Holly: Eye roll 

When greeted with the largest glass of red wine ever, Jess demonstrates the true pain tolerance of a woman and FOUGHT through the shocks to keep her ridiculously large glass spill free!

It’s the eye of the Jess, it’s the thrill of the wine: Big Brother/ Seven

Rumour mill

Rose: I’ve jumped in late – the housemates are looking at food that’s on the ground? And Ari is declaring that he will start some rumours about Brenton. Specifically that Brenton has used too much peanut butter. I LOVE IT

“Peanut butter is a hot commodity in this house” says Ari as he spreads this rumour far and wide.

Holly: Ari you gotta big brain, this is smart

The rumour spreads like wildddd fireeee

Rose: I’d love timestamps on episodes, like how long did it take for the rumour to spread??? How long do they spend in the pool? 

The housemates are devastated over the peanut butter situation. 


When Brenton hears about this vicious rumour he declares that he did NOT use any peanut butter! Soon the housemates are interrogating each other to find out where the rumour started.

Rose: Ten points to Sid – “Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and there’s always smoke coming out of Ari’s ass”

Holly: Damn i’m kinda mad this rumour wasn’t able to be pulled off 🙁 

In a real classic old Big Brother move, we get some night vision. Brenton is “sneaking” into Christina’s bed (ew)

Holly: Brenton thinks he’s being sly and discreet by crawling on the ground to get to Christina’s bed… guys… your showmance is known to everyone. Pack it up!

Rose: The audacity of the producers to play romantic music like this isn’t a scene straight out of year 10 camp.

Rose: I mean good on them, like imagine how bored you are in the house, may as well get a kiss and a cuddle out of it. I just don’t want to watch it as a viewer while I wait for my pizza to arrive.

BB asks Christina about her kiss and I love to picture the room of producers all crowding around the camera loving every second.

Christina told Ari about the kiss … big mistake!

Ari has learnt from his previous rumour making attempts and he’s decided to switch gears “I need to rethink my rumours.” “I’m not going to start rumours out of thin air, I’m going to start them out of conversations. Rumours can make trust or break trust.”

And he does just that, dropping it here, there and everywhere that he saw Christina and Brenton kiss! He hopes to show how much of a threat they are to the game as a couple; in turn removing the target from his back.

Credit to the BB insta page for this one lol

The challenge

Housemates are paired up for a balancing challenge.

Someone had to sit out of the challenge, but can’t be nominated. A random draw reveals Charlotte will sit out.

Holly: These challenges are starting to get repetitive 

Rose: This is a very boring challenge. Doesn’t matter how much serious music you play underneath it. Is it my distaste for sports?

Marley and Mitch win. Mitch has won every single challenge he’s competed in. 

Holly: He needs a target on his back!

Up for elimination is Adriana, Christina and Ari. 

Rose: They sound like a girl group lol

In the elimination room

Holly: SJ is wearing Danny’s suit and she’s definitely rocking it!

The topic of conversation is power couple! Nobody believes they haven’t been strategising.

Holly: Hearing snippets of their convos, I wouldn’t exactly consider them strategists. 

Rose: Brenton and Christina having to defend a “relationship” that kind of doesn’t really exist is stressing me out.

Rose: Does anyone else watch reality tv trying to second guess what the producers are showing us in relation to what’s going to happen next? I feel like it could go either way – this ep has had lots of Ari strategizing – so that could be him going next, but also Christina has been basically invisible until the love interest arrived, so it could be her time to go, otherwise they would have invested more in her story line?

As we are about to go to the ad break, Sonia drops a bombshell. The housemates aren’t voting to send someone home. They’re voting to make someone “the walking dead” – they lose housemate privileges and they can’t vote. 2 more people will become “the walking dead too”?? Then one goes home? 

Rose: I’m confused!

Holly: This has confused everyone.

Now the love birds are separated?

In a final act of defiance, Christina takes that darn jar of peanut butter with her as she becomes a dead house mate? 

Holly: Yeah still confused…

Final thoughts

Rose: My theory that Big Brother is just Survivor indoors is proving correct with the addition of the Walking Dead – Exile Island copy??

Holly: Ari is a producer’s dream. His one liners. His content making! Those rumours were fabulous. Loved it. Keep up the good work.

Holly: I don’t think I need to see someone trapped in a tiny room for the third time this season, I’ve had enough now. Might go for a nap in the attic until all of this is over.

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose:Maybe all the eliminated housemates in the hotel they’ve presumably been put up in. 

Holly: hmmmmm………….

Who would I vote to evict:

Rose: Christina

Holly: Christina