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Take Your Shot: Big Brother Babblings Ep 16

Following her non-elimination… (we’re still unclear as to what’s going on here) Christina is having some alone time in the Walking Dead room.

Rose: She’s probably loving the peace and quiet tbh.

Holly: Looks like an angsty/agressive teen boy’s room

Rose: I’d be pleased to get to sleep in my own room haha

Some of the HMs come to gawk through a peep hole at her new quarters. We see Christina doing things like lifting weights and taking out her frustrations on a punching bag.

Rose: It’s like a really underwhelming movie montage.

Danny has a realisation that he’s not been himself recently by following Jess’s lead. He says he may strike her, and parts of her alliance, if given the chance.

Rose: Imagine having Danny’s self confidence. I’d get so much done.

The housemates are prompted to cry with some family videos. And then BB announces a house challenge that we can actually get around – arts and crafts.

Housemates pair up and attempt to recreate an ice swan sculpture. They have two hours to replicate the swan, the pair who win will get phone calls home.

Rose: A lot of the housemates are doing surprisingly well! I don’t even have any sassy comments to make, I’m really impressed. 

Holly: This would be an enjoyable task. Why can’t we get an actual challenge like this?

Everyone does very well… except Danny and Adriana who managed to decapitate their swan?

Mitch and Charlotte win the challenge, but as they have only been around for a week (compared to 37 days for the rest of the housemates), they give up their family calls to Sid and Jess.

Holly: Another challenge win for Mitch! Also, what a lovely gesture of him giving his call to Jess.

Winner, Winner, Ice Swan … Dinner?: Big Brother/ Seven


People can still visit Christina and speak to her through the little peep hole – I think some housemates are jealous of the privacy. 

SJ tells BB Jess is the queen and everyone is following her in the alliance. She also says people are living in fear of Jess! 

Rose: That’s a monarchy I can get involved in.

Holly: I don’t have a problem being in Jess’ game

SJ says she feels terrible but she’s ready to bring down Jess. She heads to see Christina to assess if she’s in on bringing down Jess and Co (Co being Mitch and Marely). SJ then moves onto approaching Danny to get on board, which he does straight away (remember earlier when he said he would strike Jess when he could)

Holly: Jess is feeling too comfortable! She doesn’t see this coming at all…

The challenge

It’s a wobble challenge! Housemates face off one on one on a low hanging beam and have to try and wobble eachother off.

Rose: Tilly was born for this game- “I LOVE IT! IT’S LIKE A TRAMPOLINE”

It’s another challenge which Tilly thrives in and she ultimately comes out victorious.

Rose: Cotton On deserves some appreciation in these challenges, a lot of the womens’ gym shorts and crop tops come from there, I know that because I also own those leopard print shorts hahah

Tilly Nominates:

Ari, because he’s not trustworthy

Mitch, because he’s a challenge threat and if he’s gone Jess can’t hide behind him

Brenton, because he’s part of the “power couple”

Holly: Some good votes and good reasoning. No filler queens here!

Jess and Co are convinced they have the numbers to get rid of Brenton. She still thinks Danny and SJ are onside. Danny plays into this perception, he’s learnt from his early mistakes which saw him tell pretty much everyone about his blindsiding game plans (ultimately ruining the plan).

When you’re in pink… anything is possible: Big Brother/ Seven

In the elimination room

Rose: I zoned out, oops. It’s a bit boring when they know the person isn’t going home!

Mitch becomes the walking dead with 6 votes, Brenton follows with 5. Jess is shooketh.

Final thoughts

Rose: Holly you are in for a terrible time in the next episode…

Holly: Birds… NO COMMENT  (I’m crying already)

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Maybe Tilly, just for a few days, be kinda fun

Holly: Oh yeah, true that could be fun

Who would we vote to be the walking dead:

Rose: Mitch

Holly: Brenton… so the showmance could play out without me watching