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The Birds: Big Brother Babblings Ep 17

The housemates wake up in a Hitchcock film. The house is inundated with birds. Real and fake.

Holly: Thanks, I hate it.

Holly: Is this what Tilly meant when she asked for a pet?

Housemates have to count birds to get money for food. 

Rose: Standard economical practice.

Mitch is in the Walking Dead room with Christina.

Rose: They’ve got a better setup than most uni rentals! They’ve got a fully furnished apartment here! I just have one question, where’s the bathroom??

Rose: Holly, how much money would you need to be paid to hold Squawk?

Holly: Whatever Bill Gate’s wife is getting in their divorce.

Tilly and Squawk: Big Brother/ Seven

There are birds printed on fabric, bird stickers on furniture, birds on socks, bird ornaments, bird pool toys, birds on coffee cups, pigeons in rooms, live baby emus, bird wallpaper… they even rain birds in the form of little yellow ducks.

Rose: Adam (partner) just reminded me of the ninjas in past seasons?? I’m surprised they’re not back.

Ari almost guesses the number himself! But the official guess is way off (by over 2,000) and the house is now on basic rations for the rest of the week. 

Rose: Brenton making Christina a bracelet is further proof this is a year 10 camp love affair.

Danny declares he is out of his alliance with Jess, Marley and Mitch. SO, naturally, Jess wants to get out Danny now.

Holly: Danny has a very upfront approach. I don’t know what he gets out of telling Jess he’s out of the alliance? Just blindside her/the alliance?

Rose: Good luck to her – he seems to weasel out of everything.

Rose: I like that Jess describes it as Danny saying, “I don’t want to play your game anymore” hahaha

Rose: AAAAND SJ has told Danny.

Holly: Jess hasn’t clocked that SJ isn’t on her side anymore… she still feels safe?

Many little birds sat in the BB house and they told the housemates they don’t need to worryyyyyyy: Big Brother/ Seven

The challenge

There’s a beam with a rope attached that housemates hold on to behind their backs. It gets lowered and gets harder to hold on. 

Rose: When did they film this? Looks sunburny again.

Rose: The women seem to do so well in the challenges that look really uncomfy, I’m so impressed.

Holly: SJ taps into her yoga skills in this challenge

Rose: Tilly is so KIND. Like let this girl win already. 

We see another person in the house! SJ is rescued by a safety person when she can’t get herself down 

Tilly wins and sets a BB record of most challenge wins EVER

She has to nominate someone to go up for eviction with Mitch and Christina. She nominates Brenton, knowing he and Christina won’t vote for one another; therefore putting more votes on Mitch who Tilly wants out.

Mitch and Christina are released from The Walking Dead room to plead their cases.

Holly: Jess is scrambling to keep Mitch but considering how much of a challenge beast he is, it’s a hard argument to push successfully.

Ouch?: Big Brother/ Seven

In the elimination room

Sonia asks the tough questions tonight! Asking Christina and Brenton about their relationship and if they’d vote against each other.

Rose: I wonder how much the producers tell Sonia. Or do they feed her questions? Does she watch the house too and come up with her questions?

Mitch is voted out.

Rose: Well. That was almost a landslide!

Final thoughts

Rose: I’m surprised no one has tried to get Tilly out yet!

Holly: In the previous seasons, prior to the show being on 7 and pre-recorded, they had a strict no discussing nominations rule. (Each housemate was also given the right to nominate and then the public would vote who they’d save or want out). I think it would be interesting, for one elimination if BB makes a no nomination discussion rule so people can’t organise or align their votes.

Holly: The walking dead concept was so redundant. 

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Squawk the bird

Holly: N/A

Who would we vote to evict:

Rose: Brenton

Holly: Myself