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At the Stake: Big Brother Babblings Ep 18

SJ is having a midnight snack and enjoying some quiet time.

Holly: She makes herself a platter of snacks AHA

BB wakes the housemates up with an alarm at 5:16AM and tells them to get outside. BB announces it’s Hell Week. First task, the housemates have to carry around a sack of potatoes all day and wear a cute camo outfit. Housemates that pass the challenge get steak and chips.

Rose: If chippies aren’t a motivator I don’t know what is.

Holly: BB has essentially made his own army. Is this shade, showing Danny what a real army looks like?

Ari whinges about his outfit. “I DO NOT LIKE THE OUTFIT ONE BIT”

Rose: Honestly, same.

Holly: Ari has the best one liners “I’m allergic to hessian” “I hate cold water” “It’s not my version of a nice morning and i’m not happy” “I did not sign up for SAS, I signed up for Big Brother”

They just kind of do things with the potato sacks? Like exercise, jump in the pool and chant about how much they love BB.

Holly: They have to do all of these drills on a 40 degree day. I’d have heat stroke. 

Holly: I’VE JUST THOUGHT OF A HACK! As a vegan I don’t care about the steak- what’s stopping me from taking the potatoes out of my sack and cooking them up? I could make chips MYSELF.

Every time housemates complain BB punishes them more.

Rose: This reminds me so much of when some of the kids in school are naughty and everyone is punished.

Ari hates everything and everyone: Big Brother/ Seven

Jess and her alliance are plotting to get rid of Danny. Again. 

Rose: Hearing Danny, Mr Realestate, agent say “if you don’t like someone you just evict them” hits a little too close to home imo

Danny gets a secret mission to carry a fake bag of potatoes that is a lot lighter, undetected. 

Holly: Danny really hams it up making everyone think the bag is ridiculously heavy for him.

Brenton bakes everyone pumpkin bread which is actually pretty nice.

Rose: Mary doesn’t like Brenton taking her cooking votes!

Rose: I feel like if Mel Farm Girl was still here she would be killing this challenge.

After sufficent torture, BB says it’s steak and chips time! BUT he reveals a pile of wooden stakes and says the HMs can take one bag of potatoes to cook (one bag for the whole house).

Holly: THEY.ARE.DEVO! But hey! BB, great minds think alike, I was just going to do what he planned to happen all along!

Rose: 10/10 for the cruel shock factor 10/10 for the pun

BB gives Danny and a friend of his choice (Adriana) a real steak and chips for successfully passing off his fake bag of potatoes as real.

YUM: Big Brother/ Seven

The challenge

BB said no rest for the wicked (or however that phrase goes)… and makes the HMs get up at 2am for a challenge.

Housemates have to go down a water slide and then wrestle for a rope ring? They’re competing in teams so nominations are going to be interesting. There are team captains. Marley and Brenton nominate themselves as captains. They get to pick their teams and they go in rounds against one another (one person from each team per round).

Rose: The slide looks fun actually.

Rose: When Charlotte appeared in this challenge I was surprised – I honestly forgot she was in the house. It’s wild how some people barely get edited in the episode. I wonder how watching it back feels. It’s obvious those people don’t make it to the end.

Marley’s team wins (Ari, Charlotte, Tilly, Adriana, Mary) . They get to collectively decide who they’re nominating. Adriana and Marley were not going to let their best buds (Danny and Jess respectively) be nominated. They nominate, SJ, Brenton and Christina. 

As the challenge ends, BB reveals the elimination will happen in just a few hours. “Eviction will be held at first light”. BB gives the nominees one hour to scramble and pack. 

Holly: The level of sleep deprivation… don’t want to think about it

WEEE: Big Brother/ Seven

In the elimination room

SJ attempts to scramble by winning over Danny.

Rose: I like SJ but every time she goes back to Danny I like her less. She’s trying everything to stay and I respect that, but I don’t think Danny is the answer here.

Holly: Why is she so against trying to get others (anyone other than Danny) onside? Has she forgotten how he already orchestrated her eviction once before?

Rose: Editors are really making it look like SJ is on the chopping block. Is that going to happen? Are the producers bluffing? Did Brenton’s bread save him?

Holly: After Danny plotted to out SJ from the house, he ended up backflipping and voting for Christina!

Brenton is evicted with 8 votes.

Holly: As Brenton leaves he says “DM me” ahah bless

Holly: It’s weird seeing someone leave the competition in daylight. Also I’ve changed my mind a little bit about Brenton, he seems nice.

Final thoughts

Rose: I didn’t really enjoy tonight’s episode once it got to the challenge. BB antics are funny but I’m not invested in many of the housemates so eliminations are a little boring. 

Holly: I don’t care about any of the HMs nominated tonight, I didn’t mind who was going home. Maybe that’s not a good thing? Shouldn’t the audience always be concerned about who is going to leave?

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: The bread Brenton made

Holly: SJ’s midnight snack platter (I believe this is what they call chàrcöótchéraye)

Who would we vote to evict:

Rose: Christina

Holly: SJ