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The Heat is On: Big Brother Babblings Ep 19

Another obnoxious alarm wakes up the house. BB demands that the HMs take their mattresses and bedding outside. 

They stack everything up and it’s very much giving the princess and the pea mattress vibes.


Rose: Sorry I’m late, too busy DMing Ari on Instagram.

Holly: Say hi from me! 

The panic room is back! Over the course of six hours, each hour, two housemates will join the room. If one person leaves the room, all HMs will be punished. 

Marley and Jess head to the panic room first. They will endure whatever torture is in store for six whole hours.

Rose: It’s painted like a cartoon drug scene.

BB reveals music will be played…

Rose: Marley requests Drake. He is wrong.

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” plays on repeat for 6 hours. 

Holly: Don’t lie guys it a BOP

Rose: Literally every time Charlotte comes on screen I’m surprised because I forget she’s in there.

As there’s an odd number of housemates, the last person to enter will go solo. Danny manages to snag that spot. When the final pair enters the room and it’s just Danny left and BB reveals he won’t have to endure the room. He will get an advantage instead…


Holly: I bet he’s so stubborn and just doesn’t give in.

If a single pea was placed under these mattresses, would Princess Ari feel it? Probably. : Big Brother/ Seven

In the diary room, Danny gets his advantage. It’s a survival kit. It’s got chocolate, lollies and a key.

Rose: I despise that Danny got the kit. It’s so boring. Give someone else the screen time. Shake it up! Come on producers…

The key is one to freeedom- he can use it to save someone from elimination or himself (they can go through the couch and into a tunnel to avoid the upcoming elimination).

The housemates are furious that Danny didn’t have to go into the panic room. 

Even though it’s raining, BB still makes the housemates sleep outside. Ari thinks he’s going to die out there. BB suggests he snuggles SJ to keep warm.

“I want to snuggle my cat! Not some hippie from Newtown” (Hippie being SJ if that wasn’t obvious)

Rose: Sid and SJ sit outside watching the pouring rain which sounds like the most relaxing and interesting thing that’s happened this whole game.

I think Joseph’s technicolour dream coat was the inspo for this room: Big Brother/ Seven

The challenge

For the first time we aren’t in the sunburn arena. Housemates have to stand on cutouts of people, on little podiums for each foot and handles for hands. Looks very uncomfy. They cant move their hands or their feet off.

Rose: I’m going to find a picture of when this is done on Survivor just to continue proving my indoor-surivivor theory.

[Left] Head, shoulders knees and toes: Big Brother/ Seven [Right] Is this easier than the BB version? : Survivor Australia

Reminds me of this!! It’s from Australian Survivor 2017.

A lot of housemates get out from pure lapse of concentration – if they forget and lift a limb off the frame, they’re out.

After many hours, Christina wins the challenge. She nominates Jess, SJ and Ari

Rose: Although I love her energy and happy dance, it looks like Christina didn’t think very hard about her votes. Jess is obviously a good call, but the other 2 feel like fillers and might get out by accident/good scrambling. And on the off chance Jess stays, Christina is done for.

Holly: Christina was way too happy in front of the others. Usually it’s “Oh I hate this I feel so bad” when it comes to nominations.

Rose: If people don’t get rid of Jess I’m going to be cross. 

Danny finally does something both smart and interesting. He decides that the risk of Ari being voted out over Jess is too high. He decides to save Ari with his secret freedom key. But he has to do it undetected.

Rose: Holly I don’t want to spoil it so I’m not writing it in, I’ll leave it to you.

Holly: OH MY GOD 

Holly: This entire mission was so exciting! The way Danny approached Ari like a spy. Making sure the timing was right. Ari sliding into the sofa. Love it all.

In the elimination room

Sonia reveals, to the HMs, about where and why Ari is gone. 

Holly: I don’t think this is how Danny imagined this going. I think he thought he would be able to stay anonymous in the Ari situation.

The announcement of Ari being out of the eviction line up turns the house around and any prior plans are off the table. 

Holly: Jess says she really doesn’t see herself as a threat. Okay maybe not challenge wise- however she has been using the true power of persuasion pretty much since Katie left. She has been running the house and on occasion has even said so. 

SJ receives 3 votes and Jess receives 4 and is evicted.


Final thoughts

Rose: I don’t know why, but I despise sleeveless suit jackets turned into tops or dresses like what Sonia is wearing. It’s lawful evil.

Holly: Fun ep. Loved the escape plan and execution. I’m interested to see who will be Danny’s next enemy. Will it be Marley? Or could it be Ari… I could see that happening. Speaking of Ari, does he have nine lives? Remember just last week or week before (they’re merging into one in my brain) he was also saved from elimination after being nominated (cast your mind back to balloon challenge).

Best housemate/who I want to live with:♥️

Rose: Mary seems chill.

Holly: Danny… if he saves me

Who would we vote to evict:

Rose: Jess 🙁

Holly: SJ ahhh nahhh Jess