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Here We Go Around Again: Big Brother Babblings Ep 20

Christina is talking big about making big moves. Meanwhile, Marley wants revenge for Jess’ elimination.

Holly: Marley and Sid have made a checkers board out of chia seeds? Uh! I think this needed more airtime.

Rose: Marley being left without Jess is really going to show us if he’s a player or just friends with the big player.

It’s a shopping challenge day! This week we’ve gone back to kid’s games (see below).

Housemates will be selected to run over and lay down on the spinner and stay there, spinning, until the timer runs out. If they do it, it’s $10 in the budget.

Exhibit A : Big Brother/ Seven

Tilly is up first, spinning for a full 10 minutes. 

Rose: The time spinning is absolutely not worth $10

Tilly “people pay to go on this shit” 

Holly: Tilly definitely deserves her lollies.

Poor Sid has to spin for 16 minutes!

Holly: Is this challenge safe? Sid doesn’t look well. 

Rose: It’s so cute how the housemates run over with a vomit bucket just in case.

Rose: I wish I could understand what the housemates are thinking. Everyone is gunning for Christina. Christina has won ONE challenge, and eliminated someone who is clearly the top dog, like it’s an obvious choice for her. I don’t know that she will win again? Tilly on the other hand, has won so many challenges! Danny has manipulated many evictions! Surely there’s other people to go for.

Holly: I agree.

Mary is pissed off re the Jess elimination. She says the Mob Mum is coming out.


Marley is in the shower when summoned by BB’s spinner. He just decides not to even attempt to run for it. It’s going to be a long night for the HMs trying to navigate this challenge.

Marley gets called to the spinner while having a wee. IS NOTHING SACRED?? He does make it in time though!

The housemates finally finish the challenge, and they look ROUGH.

Rose: Shout out to all of them, I’d be in tears by now.

They successfully won $180, which is pretty good all things considered.

Siri play “Round Round” by The Sugar Babes: Big Brother/ Seven

The challenge


[Left] Big Brother/ Seven [Right] Credit: 9Honey 2018: Survivor Australia

But in this version, housemates are paired, with one housemate in the water cage, the other running back and forth emptying the water cage with a bucket.

Holly: We’ve seen a fair few variations of this, I think even in the last season of BB. Definitely done on ‘I’m a Celeb’ too.


Rose: SJ is the only person who could make this look like a spa treatment.

Thankfully, the grate over the housemates is very light and easy for them to lift out of.

Rose: Danny and Adriana’s friendship is actually really wholesome, it looks like they really support each other.

Rose: Girls proving strong once again! THE DETERMINATION.

Rose: I take back my doubts of Christina, she’s proving very mentally strong!

The final pair standing (floating rather) are Christina and SJ.

They nominate SJ, Mary and Marley. They think SJ and Mary are so tight that they won’t vote for each other. 


Everyone has decided there’s no way anyone will vote for Mary. So it’s now down to Marley and SJ. It’s so tight between them. Mary says she feels like she’s been pushed into a corner with this choice. She says it’s time to make strategic decisions. 

Holly: It’s looking like Mary is ready to vote SJ but SJ is staunch on keeping their bond.

The scrambling is very emotional. 

In the elimination room

Charlotte gets one line in the elimination room.

Holly: Hey Char, nice to see you. 

Sonia reveals that tonight the person with the most votes won’t be going anywhere!! The person with the most votes will actually become ‘The Head of House’ for the next few days. They get a private executive suite, catered food, game advantages and essentially get to play as BB!

Rose: I’d happily be voted out with this twist haha

Holly: Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyy goshhhh

With 5 votes, SJ becomes HOH. She gets to take another housemate with her! 

Holly: I STG if she picks Danny…

She picks Danny. >:(

Holly: SJ NO! 

The executive suite is the panic room revamped. 

Final thoughts

Rose: Holly! They’ve taken our job! We should be in charge.

Holly: In the very few American eps I’ve watched of BB, I know that HOH is something they do every week.  

Our guess at top 3

Rose: Danny, Sid and Tilly

Holly: Danny, Tilly and Mary 

Who would we vote to evict:

Rose: Mary – too good at the social game

Holly: SJ I’m getting a tad exhausted