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How many blindsides, can a blindside, blindside?: Big Brother Babblings Ep 21

Rose: I’m cracking open a beer and settling in with a blanket. Ready for the new week!

Holly: I’m sipping some peppermint tea.

It’s day 48. Last episode SJ was technically voted out but now she’s Head of House, which is like Big Brother’s Little Brother. And she chose Danny to join her in this role (her twin brother).

They get to speak to the housemates like BB does (but the housemates know it’s Danny and SJ talking to them), give them orders, chat to them in the diary room and set challenges. 

Rose: SJ and Danny are like the angel and the devil overseeing the house.

Holly: So they get a separate room to do their new little brother/HOH business but they don’t have to stay in there? They’re allowed out to just chat to everyone…

Rose: I’m really disappointed this is the combo of people who are HOH? Doesn’t interest me much. Bring Ari and Mary in. 

SJ asks the housemates to stand to attention, get in their bathers and head to the pool. She asks those who voted for her tonight to jump into the pool.

Rose: That’s actually genius, and a great punishment.

Danny and SJ call Tilly to the diary room to participate in a secret mission – moving hidden snacks from SJ’s bed to Ari’s. 

Rose: Tilly is the only person I would trust with any lolly related activities.

Rose: Mary catching Tilly gives me ‘Big mum catching daughter sneaking out vibes’.

The prank finally makes sense when the housemates are asked to clean the boys’ bedroom and Ari is publicly shamed for “stealing” snacks. 

The Trickery! : Big Brother/ Seven

BB sets the HMs a challenge.

It’s a “cocktail party” challenge? Housemates go into the diary room one by one and have to face a big fear or big weakness to win a ticket to the cocktail party.

Rose: I think before I went on BB I would lie about my fears so I couldn’t have them used against me.

Adrianna meets a Goat. But that’s not her fear, her fear is actually… Goats cheese. Uh. She has to eat a bunch of Goats cheese in 90 seconds. She does so successfully but hates it the entire time.

Holly: I’m not sure we needed to see the gagging. 

Mary is given one of those massive bears from Costco- they’re like seven ft! She has to wrap him like a Christmas present. She fails.

Tilly’s fear is of bananas. She has to eat one. She’s never eaten one before.

Holly: I think she’s using your technique here Rose. How has she never eaten a banana?

There are a bunch of other pointless tasks, apparently not entertaining enough to give much air time to.

Tilly, Marley and Adriana pass the test, and will attend the cocktail party, with SJ and Danny.


There’s a lot strat chat in this cocktail party. We see a pact made between all five attendees. Ari is trying to eavesdrop.

Cheers to broken alliances: Big Brother/ Seven

The challenge

Rose: My friend Kate is here and she said unprompted that this is Survivor indoors, and I feel very validated.

Each housemate has a long table with obstacles for a ball that rolls down the table, and the housemates have to balance the ball? 

Rose: Good luck explaining this one Holly.

Holly: My pea brain can’t find a way to express what’s going on here.

Okay so they have to get the balls down the obstacle course table, which has handles they use to manoeuvre the ball, and they have to get several balls to sit in particular spots and stay there. 

Holly: We’ve seen a fair few similar challenges. I like that it’s not too athletic. I think if you’re good at gaming, you’d be good at this.

Marley takes a fierce lead. Ari is the closest to him but still a mile away. 

Holly: SJ and Danny don’t have to compete and are just serving as Marley’s cheerleader. 

Rose: Marley is veeerrrryyyy matey with SJ and Danny, really looking like he’s trying to solidify this new alliance.

Rose: balls going into holes and all this dramatic music is lending itself to some top quality comments over at my house.

Marley takes away the win.

Holly: Everyone is all over him, celebrating his win… Everyone is desperate to be saved. 

Marley nominates Ari (for being untrustworthy), Christina (because she nominated Marley) and Mary (a strategic/safe vote because  thinks Danny will nominate “one of his own”).

Oh maybe it’s like a pinball table?: Big Brother/ Seven 

The scramble


She refuses to speak to Marley.

Rose: Marley seemingly stepped in shit because Danny and SJ are plotting to get rid of Mary.

SJ is the one who proposes the idea to get out Mary while plotting with Danny in her private head of house room.

Danny gets into action telling Christina, Adriana and Ari to vote for Mary. 

They’re going hard for a blindsight elimination. 

Each alliance is trying to get swing voter, Ari onside and he is living for it. “I’m going to put on a Golden Globes performance tonight”. Which side will he pick?


In the elimination room

Rose: Mary is pissed and I’m loving it – she tells it how it is!

Rose: Everyone is going hard saying Mary is safe – overkill?? None of them are very good actors.

Tilly tells Mary how torn up Marley has been from nominating her. Mary is not having a bar of it.

Holly: I think the HMs are getting really restless. They’re over being understanding and nice. 

Christina receives 4 votes and Mary receives 5. She thinks Marley was the one who orchestrated the blindside.

Final thoughts

Holly: Poor Marley is gutted. 

Holly: Was it ethical for the HMs to so blatantly pretend they weren’t going to vote for Mary? Is it worth keeping up the charade at that point where you’re already in the elimination room?

Our guess at top 3:

Rose: Danny, Tilly, Marley

Holly: Danny, Sid, Tilly

Who would we vote to evict:

Rose: Christina

Holly: Christina