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Secrets and Snacks: Big Brother Babblings Ep 22

Last night we saw the controversial exit, and complete blindside of the century, of Mary.

Rose: Marley being devastated which is a testament to his kind heart!

SJ and Danny are still HOH.

Rose: I’m a bit disappointed in SJ for just handing the reins to Danny. He’s well and truly in charge. She had an opportunity to make some moves herself but instead it’s still the Danny show.

Tilly has been made responsible for making Danny and SJ’s special breakfast. They give her very specific instructions. 

When Ari sees the food they’re getting he is EXTREMELY envious. 

Holly: He’s dying for some sourdough and avo. Yum. 

Rose: Okay question though, what’s to stop the housemates eating Danny and SJ’s food? Like what would happen?? I think I’d risk it.

‘A road trip to nowhere’

The housemates (minus HOHs) have to climb into a mini and stay in there together… for five hours. 

Holly: There’s seven of them! How will they fit!

Rose: Picture the pitch room – 

No one: 


There’s lots of screaming and sounds of pain as the HMs cram into the car in 20 seconds! Three in the front and four in the back.

Then the car starts rocking! Causing car sickness.

“Car trips are for weird families who like to bond”- Ari

“I can’t remember a time in my life that wasn’t in this car”- Ari

Danny torments the roadtrippers by telling them how he’s eating wonderful food and drinking coffee, while they’re still trapped in the car. 

Charlotte gets a tiny bit of screen time! But don’t get your hopes up, it’s just her talking about shopping and Starbucks. 

Rose: I’d vote Charlotte off just for saying she loves Starbucks so much it’s her go to.

Rose: Danny wearing popped collars on his brightly coloured polo feels like a perfect analogy for him as a person.

Never ending trip to nowhere: Big Brother/ Seven

Secret Snacks

Marley and Ari get chosen by SJ and Danny to have a KFC feast

Holly: Ari’s happy food dance is very relatable 

But that’s not all. SJ and Danny are told their time as HOH is coming to an end. There’s an eviction tonight and a challenge they will not compete in. The winner of the challenge will nominate two people. SJ and Danny will nominate the third person. 

During the KFC feast Ari and Marley make somewhat of an alliance.

The challenge

Sunburn is fierce today!

There’s sand, there’s buckets and huge seesaws with pictures of everyone’s headshots from the show promo.

The housemates must put sand in the seesaw belonging to the person they want out of the challenge. When the seesaw tips from the weight of the sand, that person is out!

Christina is the first person targeted. Adriana and Charlotte are the next to be targeted. Then Ari, then Sid, then Marley. Tilly wins.

Holly: I’d fill up my own seesaw/bucket. I don’t want to play this active game!

Rose: Okay weird thing to notice but Sid is the last dumper on almost all of the buckets.

Tilly nominates Christina and Adriana. The HOH vote is Charlotte.

Rose: Christina may as well not unpack at this point.

Rose: Holly! Finally some attention on Charlotte! Will we find out anything more about her? Doubt it.

Christina is pretty upset to be nominated.

Holly: It’s really only between Christina and Charlotte.

Rose: Completely fair enough. After so many nominations it would really get to you!

Danny considers changing his initial target of Charlotte going against his plan with SJ and voting for Christina instead (to “pay homage” to Marley).

Rose: When will they learn that Danny is playing his game and no one else??

Ari is in the middle again with both sides trying to convince him to get onside. 

Holly: I think Ari is in a powerful position being a swing vote. Would either alliance want him out when he could support them when needed?

Rose: How is Charlotte a threat? In no way could she be considered a threat??

Sandy: Big Brother/ Seven 

In the elimination room

Rose: I’m realising I know nothing about Adriana which doesn’t fill me with confidence for her safety.

Charlotte appeals directly to Ari to save her. She knows he’s the only swing vote.

Holly: I think Danny will put his vote on Christina. I don’t think he values his “alliance” with SJ. 

Christina receives three votes and Charlotte receives five.

Final thoughts

Rose: Bring back the days of live BB. I’m kind of bored of the edits. Also hope there’s some face to face voting soon. Ones where the housemates see who votes for who. Although atm it’s pretty obvious… 

Holly: Charlotte got to stay in the house over her sister, so that she could “have an experience”. I wonder if she thinks it was worth it after getting no airtime?

Our guess at top 3:

Rose: Tilly, Danny and Marley.

Holly: Marley, Sid and Tilly

Who would we vote to evict:

Rose: Charlotte

Holly: Strategically Christina but really Charlotte because she’s been boring eeekk sorry!.