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Eye Spy: Big Brother Babblings Ep 23

The second unidentifiable Charlotte has been booted out of the BB House! SJ and Danny are back with the peasants after being Heads of House.

Danny is crying because he reneged on his promise to Marley to eliminate someone from his own alliance (which would’ve been Christina).

Tilly says her closest people in the house are Danny and Marley. She wants to get Danny and Marley working together. She takes Danny aside for a private chat gets him onside with the idea.

Danny says “Are we not the three worthy players”.

Holly: We’ve predicted this top 3. I could see it. 

Tilly is calling it a “hidden alliance”. Now she just has to get Marley onside- post the Danny betrayal which happened just the night before! 

Marley is rightly cautious of Danny.

Secret Mission

Ari is called into the diary room and told there is a secret mission for him. He is ecstatic, he’s always wanted to do a secret mission. The reward will be phone calls home for every HM.

Over an hour, BB gives Ari a different topic to discuss with a particular HM of BB’s choosing.

Rose: I’ve jumped in kind of late and Ari has been sent on a BB mission to talk to housemates about different topics??

Rose: Okay so it seems the challenge is to get Ari to talk shit as much as possible.

Rose: Nothing out of the ordinary then.

Ru veal! Tilly is told by BB that Ari’s mission isn’t the real mission, there’s another mission and she’s getting it.

Rose: It feels like the producers are just trying to outdo each other.

Rose: Dammit I missed like 2 minutes to let Adam in the house, and Tilly is crying and I don’t know why.

Ari is told to talk to Tilly about Tilly’s dog. Tilly’s challenge is to avoid the conversation at all costs.

Holly: Tilly is so good at avoiding Ari. She just grabs people for “private chats”. Ari is so upset at potentially losing the challenge. 

Tilly manages to avoid Ari and win the challenge. Everyone gets a phone call with a loved one.

Rose: aaaanad that’s my cue to get some dinner and not watch for a hot minute.

Holly: Peace! Will reconvene post crying

Post Crying

Sid starts strategizing, and decides to work with Christina to get out Marley (his “bestie”)

Unfortunately, it’s at this point that Danny sees the pair and calls them out for making a deal. 

Rose: Sid is never going to pull this off now.

Rose: I find it really annoying how everyone is working for Danny and with Danny rather than making their own moves. Christina had the opportunity to work together with Sid, and pull this off. Instead, she goes and dobs on Sid to Danny.

Danny adds fuel to the fire and tells Marley about Sid’s plans to nominate him if he’s up. Marley is in complete disbelief.

Holly: I hate how this is panning out. It’s funny how upset people are getting at other people playing the game, when they are too. 

Rose: Also Marley trusting Danny again after what he did with Mary?? After not getting rid of one of his own after???

Rose: My partner Adam just pointed out that if this was a public vote, not internal house eliminations, Danny would’ve been out weeks ago. I agree!

BUSTED: Big Brother/ Seven

The challenge

BB tells the HMs this week there won’t be an elimination. Three HMs will be nominated for a game advantage, chosen by HM vote. The winner from the challenge will be  nominated to receive the advantage and will select the two other people to compete against for it.

They’re playing with giant blocks acting as “cards”. They’ve got to make a tower of a certain height. Turns out the HMs have limited blocks, so they have to be smart about how they build the tower.

Ari takes a lead early on. The HMs quickly realise that they’ve been using more tiles than they have on hand. When Danny sees this, he destroys his tower and starts again. Some HMs try to remove tiles from further down their tower to get more for the top.

Holly: So it’s jenga?

Rose: They always give Tilly the pink equipment in the challenges and I love the consistent branding.

Ari’s tower is close to being complete when it topples. Danny takes the lead and wins.

Rose: I thought the challenge looked too easy!

Holly: Finally a challenge which isn’t physical!

Big Jenga Vibes: Big Brother/ Seven 

the advantage

BB reveals to Danny that the advantage is ‘the BB eye’. Whoever has the ‘eye’ in their possession, can play it at an eviction and any votes cast for the person who holds it will not be counted. The eye is only valid for the next two evictions.

Danny chooses SJ and Marley to go up against for the advantage. 

Holly: Danny says this is an ‘unpredictable’ move… to who?

So now the ‘nominated’ HMs have to convince people to give it to them. SJ tells everyone she doesn’t want it. “I want to get to where I get to on my own merit”.

Ari’s response: “Mate you’ve got a chance to win immunity. Shut up!”

Rose: Ari mouthing off about SJ getting a potential advantage is exactly how I feel. Like get over it! It’s all part of the game.

Ari: “Selfish people live longer.”

Rose: I’m a bit sick of SJ, I think she is getting too caught up in the game emotionally and isn’t playing it as hard as she thinks she is.

Rose: I think I’m enjoying this scramble more than normal!

Marley chats with Sid and Ari to get their votes. Danny is worried he’ll screw up his fake alliance if Marley gets the eye, because it will reveal their real alliance (this is getting confusing!).

So, Danny convinces SJ to make the most of the eye opportunity. She then goes back to tell everyone that she didn’t mean what she said earlier and she actually does want the eye.

In the ‘advantage’ room, Danny stays quiet and Marley and SJ plead their cases.

Holly: There’s only so much of SJ crying for no good reason, I can take.

Ari speaks candidly about how hard the decision is for him after initially wanting to give it to SJ, who then said she didn’t want it, so he agreed to give it to Marley and then SJ decided she did want it!

Rose: I can’t actually tell which way this is going to go, but I do think it’s too little too late from SJ. 

Marley is awarded the eye with three of the five votes.

Final thoughts

Holly: Next week BB reveals his final room. It’s entirely made of mirros.

Rose: The mirror room looks sickening in every sense.

Holly: I’m glad Marley has the eye.

Rose: I’m pleased to see alliances dissolving, time to play for yourselves!

Our guess at top 3:

Rose: Tilly, Marley and SJ.

Holly: Sid, Tilly, Danny

Who would we would give the advantage to:

Rose: Marley.

Holly: Ari.