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Bunnies, Breakdowns and Breakups: Big Brother Babblings Ep 24

Last episode, nobody went home! Instead immunity was offered and HMs are puzzled as to why Danny voted to give Marley the ‘Immunity Eye’. (Little do they know about their ultra secret alliance)

HMs are gathered. BB says he’s opening a shop. An item will flash on the screen. The person who gets to the diary room first will win the item… in exchange for something. The HM must trade with BB for the item.

First item is a coffee machine, a real one! Danny is off to get it, BB asks for Sid’s chocolate.

Rose: I’ve joined a little late because I was cooking – BB seems to be bargaining with housemates for stuff. It’s like an auction, and the price is non-negotiable and usually related to other housemates. Oh and they don’t know the trade until they accept the gift.

A carrot appears on the screen. Then the camera pans up and two little rabbits appear on screen.


Holly: I’ve never seen someone move so fast.

Tilly is offered two ADORABLE little rabbits, with the cost of the coffee machine Danny just got.

Holly: Tilly said she’d name them Thumblelina and Boo. 

A night in the attic for two HMs to “strat chat” is offered up. Sid wants it. The exchange is Danny and Adrianna are tethered together. 

Sid picks SJ to go to the attic. 

Rose: I really want this to work out for Sid, he keeps falling short of his plans. 

Rose: Shoutout to all of the housemates for making it this far and not killing each other. Housemates in real life are hard enough to get along with 24/7 let alone strangers AND ones that are all trying to evict you AND you have to share food with AND you can’t see other people AND are generally annoying lol

Tilly cries with Joy at the arrival of intruders Thumbelina and Boo: Big Brother/ Seven

Up in the attic sleepover club

Sid proposes that Tilly goes next. Marley is the other choice.

HMs are quite scared about this attic time. Christina is worried. Tilly tells her not to worry as SJ and Sid haven’t won any challenges.

Holly: Yeah that’s true actually.

Rose: lol I’m struggling to hear while I’m watching because I’m cooking, doing washing and writing all at the same time, and in the same room (apartment life) – I’m dedicated x

Marley knows that Sid has been gunning for him (as we saw in last week’s episode) and approaches Sid.

Rose: Sid covers it up nicely! 

Rose: It’s been a good ten minutes and I’ve not seen the rabbits on my screen – what a waste of time! Give me rabbits!

Holly: You’re speaking my language Rose.

Rose: All this editing of Sid in this episode makes me suss he might go home next…

Danny wants Sid to go home next.

LET’S HAVE A SLEEP O-O-OVER: Big Brother/ Seven

The challenge

Sunburn yard time! In rounds, the housemates have to spin on a swing for a bit and then run and balance a BB eye on a stick and race to the other side. The rounds become more complex, with different challenge elements, as they go.

Holly: Omg the spinning is next level!!

Rose: Okay this one got a giggle out of me. All the housemates fell over immediately when getting off the swing.

Holly: I like that there’s a lot of laughing in this challenge.

Holly: This is actually hilarious. 

In the final round it’s down to Sid and Marley. 

Holly: It’s tightttttt!

Rose: COME ON SID WIN IT FOR PERTH (but also like please don’t get out Tilly)

Sid wins. (Finally, after 50-something days in the house)

You spin me right round, BB, right round: Big Brother/ Seven 

Scramble time

Rose: I take back my concerns about Sid

Sid puts up Marley, Danny and Tilly.

Holly: When Sid is doing his nominations we see some cute footage of the HMs cuddling the bunnies. 

Rose: OOOO this is a big elimination!

Rose: Although at this point, it’s always going to be a big elimination.

Holly: Finally, some big moves!! But Tilly is so devastated, she never expected this from Sid. She looks so drained. She doesn’t want to campaign against her best friends.

Adriana, Ari and Christina have the power tonight. They want to nominate Tilly. 

Rose: There’s a lot going on here. Ari is gunning for a classic Survivor flush out the idol move, i.e. getting Marley to play his BB branded immunity by telling him everyone is voting for him, but really, in secret, they will vote for Tilly. Meanwhile, Danny isn’t taking being nominated well, and is declaring he would rather everyone get him out and save Tilly. 

Holly: There’s lots of tears tonight. Danny saying he wants the HMs to vote for him to save Tilly, feels genuine but these moves don’t really ever land.

in the elmination room

Holly: I usually hate the elimination room chat but tonight it’s different.

Marley is considering not using the immunity eye. 

Danny and Tilly are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the other. 

Rose: Danny is such a baby when it comes to his nomination. Which is a shame because he has a great game play, he doesn’t need to sook when he’s nominated, he’s better off doing what he does well and playing hard.

Holly: This is so emotional 🙁 

Holly: Sonia says this is the toughest vote yet and I agree.

Rose: It is really sweet hearing Tilly speaking so kindly of her fellow nominees, I hope she knows how sweet she is herself! And that she’s up there for being a huge threat, which is a compliment.

Marley plays his immunity eye at the last second.

Tilly is evicted with three votes. Danny and Marley both recieved two votes each.

She asks who voted for her before she leaves the eviction room (Adriana, Charlotte and Ari) and then went to say goodbye to the bunnies.


BB stops her in the hallway! She has not been evicted…yet.

Holly: Is this the producer’s version of scrambling aha

She’s told to go through a special door. 

Holly: Oh no.

It’s room covered floor to ceiling in mirrors. Designed to induce insanity.

Final thoughts

Rose: Ah yes classic, I had a feeling they wouldn’t let a big player leave that easily. OH I FORGOT ABOUT THAT REVEAL!

Holly: GREAT EP. The bunnies were my fave part <3

Holly: I am a bit stunned by Sid. Especially with how he lied to so blatantly to Marley’s face and said he wouldn’t nominate him.

Our guess at top 3:

Rose: Danny, Adriana and Tilly.

Holly: Bunny 1, Bunny 2 and Danny.

Extra Bunny content for good luck: Big Brother/Seven