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Red is the Colour of Revenge: Big Brother Babblings Ep 25

Rose: I’m out at the theatre tonight seeing an indie production no one’s heard of (Hamilton), so it’s all Holly from here!

Holly: I hope you enjoy Rose! Community productions, can be really great!

Danny is fuming post Tilly eviction and he is out for revenge against the man who caused it all, Sid.

Marley is feeling the same way, although his anger is offset by the bunnies (he seems to love Thumbelina).

He says the only person he can trust in this game is the person he’s been trying to eliminate the entire game… Danny.

All the HMs LOVE the bunnies. 

Sid is happy with his moves and doesn’t feel any remorse.

Tilly is having a great time in the mirror room, even ignoring BB as she admires her ponytail in the mirrors. 

“You can see my ponytail, everywhere”

There’s a red jewel in the room. Tilly thinks it’s evil. She doesn’t know what it does though. (I’m sure we’ll find out soon).

She’s alone in the room for now but she thinks someone will be joining her. Until then, she makes a pillow friend ‘Sally’ who wears a green bikini (she’s a bikini model with no emotions). Apparently Sally is stressed and wants revenge. 

HMs gather to play a game of ‘memory.’ The person with the best memory will get a huge advantage. 

Ari says he has a photographic memory. 

In the garden, objects are scattered on podiums. HMs must memorise these objects and answer questions about them. In rounds, all HMs are asked the same question (privately in the diary room so they can’t hear one another’s answers), those who answer correctly move to the next round.

SJ wins. Her award is interesting. She gets to ‘replay’ a challenge to get the desired outcome that she wants. 

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… Who has the best ponytail of them all?: Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge

HMs must walk down a narrow beam, which wobbles and stack 25 blocks in a row. Once all the blocks are lined up they must create a “domino effect” and topple over.

The challenge is quite simple and is over quickly.

Christina wins. She’s delighted but BB then drops the bomb that SJ can request a replay of the challenge.

SJ says “Just because i’m really naughty, i’d like to do a replay.”

Adriana is more pissed off than Christina aha.

Side note: I think Danny is on everyone’s side? Other than Sid’s?

In the replay, Adriana wins.

Adriana is annoyed that SJ played her replay power. BB points out that if SJ hadn’t played the replay, she wouldn’t have won.

She nominates SJ, Marley and Ari (“safe vote”).

BEAM me up!: Big Brother/ Seven

The Scramble

So, obviously Marley wants to pin the votes on Ari. 

SJ agrees with Marley that she’ll vote for Ari. (Cue some tears)

Despite being nominated, Marley is starting to regain some power in the game.

Ari feels safe. He knows he has Christina and Adriana on side, and supposedly SJ and Danny…

In the mirror room:

We see Tilly adding a third boob to her pillow friend Sally. She prays that someone will come and keep her (and Sally) company.

More Bunny Content!: Big Brother/ Seven 

In the elimination room

This is Ari’s 8th time in the elimination chair. But over those 8 times he’s only been voted for 5 times.

Marley receives no votes. SJ receives 2 votes and Ari receives 4 votes and is elminated.

Adriana and Christina are shocked (as is Ari). Adriana immediately asks who voted for Ari while looking at Danny.

Ari doesn’t say a word and gets up out of his chair and leaves the room.

“I didn’t think you’d do that to me” says Adriana to Danny. She is LIVID.

Little do the HMs know, Ari is heading to the secret mirror room with Tilly.

The mirror room lights start flashing different colours. It turns red. 

“It’s the colour of revenge” says Tilly.

Tilly and Ari reunite. 

Tilly says she’s happy it’s Ari in the room.

Back in the eviction room, Adriana is GRILLING Danny. It’s clear now his alliance is not with her.

The aftermath: Big Brother/Seven

Final thoughts

Oh Danny boy, you’ve done yourself in now! Your alignment with Marley is no longer a secret. However, power does seem to now be on your side… depending on who enters back into the BB house from the mirror room?

Speaking of the room… what does that red jewel do!

Our guess at top 3:

Danny, Tilly, SJ

Who would we would give the advantage to: