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Guess who’s back in the house: Big Brother Babblings Ep 26

Ari stormed into the secret mirror room post his shock eviction last night. He’s greeted by Tilly and Sally (Tilly’s pillow pet/bikini model bestie).

Danny is holding what feels like a press conference with the other housemates.

Rose: Adrianna is mad! Not talking to Danny. But not enough to turn down wine! 

Adrianna feels completely betrayed by Danny.

Holly: Adrianna is so dramatic. She said Danny sent her son home tonight ahaha 

Holly: Look, Danny is the one person who has consistently played the game and does what he wants, whenever she wants. And he owns it. I respect that.

Rose: This is my first time seeing the mirror room properly! It hurts my head haha

Ari and Tilly are catching up on who voted who and why. Ari apologises to Tilly for voting for her. He says he was gullible and following the plans of others.

Rose: I wonder where the house is, I want to see it!

Rose: The bunnies on the couch are so cute!!! *googles if I can have a bunny in my apartment*

The HMs are feeling the tension between Adrianna and Danny. Danny manages to take her aside and apologise (this whole convo is off mic… their personal mics aren’t working?). She accepts his apology.

Rose: Adrianna and Danny’s friendship is really sweet. I do hope she gets revenge though hehe

Ari goes crazy in the mirrored room and has a deep chat with Sally.

Rose: Sally is a hottie! 

Rose: Sometimes when I think I could do BB I look at the housemates walking laps of the tiny garden and think hmmm nah

Going into the challenge, Danny declares Sid is his target.

Boo and Thumbelina have settled in to the BB house : Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge

We’re in the sunburn arena already!

Heavy sacks of weighted balls have to be carried Santa style by housemates as they climb over obstacles. At the end, they bounce the balls on a mini trampoline into a basket. 

Rose: I missed a second to get dinner – I think there’s no elimination? 

No elimination but the winner will walk away with 10k cash!

Everyone helps each other!

Rose: Nah fuck this challenge. This looks hard.

Rose: Call me a cynic – if you know you weren’t going to win, helping other housemates is a great way to make yourself look good and not get voted out.

Holly: I think I prefer this style of challenge because it’s not about endurance. It’s more of a race, you know there will be a winner in a short amount of time.

Rose: Sid and Marley are so weirdly good at this challenge. Like, did they train for this specifically? It’s such a random set of skills.

Marley wins. 

Holly: The housemates are so out of breath and exhausted. This might’ve been the hardest challenge. 

Marley says the 10k will change his life. It will help him and his dad.

Holly: It’s so nice to see the HMs be happy for his win.

BB is feeling kind! He tells the housemates they’re getting a home cooked meal tonight as a reward. 

Rose: I can’t help but think there will be a twist.

When you’re in BB but training for SAS: Big Brother/ Seven

Post Challenge

Holly: Marley is a deserving winner, he’s a kind guy and he’s been through so much. 

Rose: I feel like BB is being edited to be like a sweet emotional episode so they can then reveal the huge twist of the 2 mirror mates.

Rose: This has been confirmed – my partner just said to me, since when has BB been soft??

While the main house enjoy a meal, Ari and Tilly are dancing with Sally.

After the main house meal, messages from the evicted HMs are played! Danny is so ecstatic to see Nick.

Rose: This really confirms how much I miss Nick. 

Rose: OMG and Mel! I wish she was still in it. I reckon she could’ve won if they didn’t get her out that week.

Holly: It’s so interesting seeing all of their faces again.

Holly: Mitch asks Christina for a second date, little does he know about her boo Brenton! Awkies.

BB asks the HMs if they noticed there were no messages from Tilly or Ari. He then reveals that they’re in the mirror (or infinite) room and haven’t left the house. Tonight one of them will return to the house. 

In the mirrored room

Sonia pops up to chat to Ari and Tilly. The main HMs can see the whole thing unfolding on the screen.

Holly: The HMs are ‘Shooketh’

Sonia explains that who will return to the house is up to luck. Out of one of the mirrors rolls a surface with 36 mirrored boxes on top of it. Inside one of them is a red jewel. The person who picks the box with the red jewel will be sent packing.

Rose: Will the fairies be on Tilly’s side??

Rose: Either way, this sucks for Sid lol

Over a few rounds, Tilly and Ari take turns to open up the mirrored boxes.

Holly: This is very Russian Roulette 

Finally, Tilly opens a the box with the red jewel and she’s sent home.

Holly: This is so sad. 

Holly: My mum says this won’t be the last time we see Tilly on our screens. She’s such an amazing, quirky person.

Ari is stressed about re-entering the house after he walked out without saying goodbye to anyone…

He tells BB he knows what he needs to do now. Tilly has told him everything she knows and Ari is now on side with Danny and Marley. 

Holly: I’m not sure if we were shown what exactly Tilly said to Ari but it must’ve been convincing.

Final thoughts

Holly: For anyone who watched last season, you’ll know that this whole room thing with two people isn’t new. They did the same thing last year with Sophie and Kieran except they put them in a room where everything was white! However, the person who left the house was given money and they had to it a button to receive it.

Holly: Also, what was with BB calling Ari a rat this episode? lol

Rose: Rip Sid

Our guess at top 3:

Rose: Danny, Marley and SJ

Holly: Christina, Danny, Marley 

Who we wanted to return to the house:

Rose: Tilly

Holly: This is hard because I love both Tilly and Ari. I think Tilly deserved it more than Ari.