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You Have My Word: Big Brother Babblings Ep 27

Ari is back in the house. Heels click clackin about-

Ari says instead of chaos he is going to honour Tilly’s wishes and be loyal. Much to his disgust.

“I now have morals”- Ari 

Rose: Sorry, this has become an Ari stan account.

Rose: Shout out to any of the housemates who bother to put on makeup every day. Watch out for them, that’s determination. Even as bored as they are, I reckon I’d have given up by now. 

We find out that the challenge structure will be different today. The person who wins the first challenge will nominate three people. Those three people will go on to compete in another challenge, where one person will be able to save themselves. The other two will be up for nomination.

Sid and Danny are both well aware each of them will put each other up. Danny proposes a handshake deal to not do that today. Sid agrees.

Ari is happy to back in the house with hydrated lips: Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge

Housemates stand under two beams balanced in an A frame shape. They have to hold up the beams for as long as they can.

Rose: Tilly would’ve done so well in this challenge!

Rose: The beams are 40% of your body weight, so ideally you want to be light and strong. 

“Let’s all agree to not nominate me?” – Ari’s getting desperate haha

The women are all out first, which is rare for challenges.

Holly: I bet Tilly would be thriving. 

Marley is out, saying he can’t feel his right arm. 

Holly: Did anyone hear Christina making some annoying and very unhelpful commentary? 

Rose: Do you think they’re trying to give Sid the villain edit? I can’t tell. It’s definitely very Danny v Sid right now. Even if Sid gets annoying, Danny annoyed me too much at the start and I can’t not remember that. 

Sid let’s Danny have the win. Will he keep his earlier commitment to not nominate Sid?

BB physically torments the HMs again: Big Brother/ Seven

Post Challenge

Rose: Danny has made so many deals there’s so few people left he can nominate.

He nominates Adriana (because she hasn’t strat chatted with him, Christina (she’s a challenge threat) and SJ (he thinks he can save her at eviction).

Holly: So he did keep his word with Sid…

It starts raining and all the housemates jump in the pool. *Cue sappy diary room commentary about friendship

Rose: It’s like the end of a Disney teen movie.

Second challenge

The three nominees compete in another challenge for one spot safe from elimination.

Nominees have to build a giant puzzle wall (made of 10kg bricks) and then knock it over using a wrecking ball/swinging drum.

The puzzle spells out ‘SAFE FROM EVICTION’.

Rose: Sounds like good therapy to me. 

Holly: I feel like this challenge should give everyone an equal chance at winning.

SJ speeds through it. Adriana spells eviction wrong. 

SJ builds her wall and starts to knock it over with the swinging drum. She has to change the height of the drum to knock different parts over.


Rose: When Marley runs over to congratulate SJ, he picks her up so carefully and gently it’s so sweet, clearly not wanting to stress her out or accidentally hurt her.

How I’d knock over Trump’s wall Big Brother/ Seven

the scramble and in the elimination room

It’s Christina vs Adriana up for eviction. 

Holly: Is there any point scrambling at this point?

Holly: Christina has gotten far in this comp by flying under the radar. 

“I am a very vindictive person, I do not forgive nor do I forget” – another great line from Ari

Rose: BB gives Christina such nice advice! I do find it interesting though, telling people you want to take them to the end, because surely they’re also trying to figure out who they can beat at the end?

Holly: I’m happy with this duo being up for elimination. I don’t feel anything for them.

With all four votes, Adriana is evicted. 

Final thoughts

Rose: Top 6! For real this time! I really don’t know where this will go. 

Holly: Intruders never win. We knew this would happen eventually to Adriana. 

Holly: I feel like it’s now impossible for Danny to be evicted? He’s so quick to make alliances, he’s never vulnerable. 

Our guess at top 3:

Rose: SJ, Marley and Sid.

Holly: SJ, Danny, Marley 

Who we would evict:

Rose: Adriana

Holly: Christina