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Heartache to Heartbreak: Big Brother Babblings Ep 28

After two months in the house, the HMs are feeling very nostalgic, but it doesn’t hide how bad they want to win.

Ari is uneasy about his supposed alliance/deal with Danny. He sees Danny and Sid talking, he decides to walk in on their conversation… and they suspiciously stop talking. HMMM

Rose: You know how it takes a lot of energy to be in social situations in general? I can’t imagine how emotionally exhausted housemates are at this point. Constantly being on the lookout, assessing relationships, planning who’s going next… I think BB looks fun until I remember these kinds of things.

Danny uses a set of spoons to work out how people might vote and who he needs to align with. He wants to be “all good” with everyone. He needs to get Christina on side. He goes to do a deal with her. She shakes on it but in the diary room says she’s not taking that deal seriously.

When someone walks in on ur convo: Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge

Seems like the top 6 means we just watch lots of challenges. 

Rose: I don’t think I like that! I didn’t come here to watch sport!

Same dealio as last time, after the main challenge, the three nominated housemates will compete in a second challenge. BB also let’s the HMs know they will be competing in both challenges on the same day with an elimination that night. 

Rose: Today’s challenge is weird!

They have to move a ping pong ball over an arch of chicken wire, but they’re on the inside so they kind of have to feed it along slowly with their fingers. Once on the other side, ping pong balls get placed in a BB eye. 

Rose: Painstakingly slow and attention requiring! Christina is killing it.

Rose: Okay I actually think there’s an advantage for Christina and anyone similar sized here. Someone like Marley is so tall he has to bob down to stay under the arch, but Christina can stay upright. Any shorter and people would have to keep their arms up really high.

Once the HMs finish with their chicken wire arch they move to the second part of the challenge where they have to manoeuvre their balls down a ramp into buckets. The buckets are placed underneath the ramp, HMs must pull the ramp apart to drop the balls into their buckets at the right time. It looks easy but it’s not.

Rose: Christina always looks so pretty and put together even when doing challenges! What’s her secret????

After a neck and neck showdown with Ari, Christina wins.

Rose: I bet everyone is regretting saving Christina hahah

Not a chicken to be seen: Big Brother/ Seven

Post Challenge

Christina nominates “the boys”, so Ari, Danny and Sid. She says it’s fair as all the girls were up yesterday.

Rose: Power to her. Easy way to make a decision and get Danny up there (her main goal).

Ari is very upset. He says Christina told him 100 times she wouldn’t put him up.

Sid also feels “burnt”. Last eviction he kept her because she told him that people like him, Marley and her deserve the money/win more than people like SJ and Danny. When he pulls her aside to talk about it, Christina tells him that if he does get put up for nomination the house will save him.

Holly: That’s BS. He’s been public enemy no.1 for a week now?

Danny supports her move to put him and the other “boys” up. Apparently it’s smart.

Second challenge

Rose: Finally, a challenge for the quirky boys down at the beach.

HMs stand on a slack line and hold onto a rope to steady themselves. It’s an endurance challenge with some balancing to make it spicy. The must move when BB tells them to and grab onto another rope, the ropes get smaller and have less tension as they progress.

Holly: I feel like this is another challenge that the girls would nail.

Rose: Sid is in trouble… 

All three make it to the last stop on the slack line. At that last hurdle Sid falls. He’s devastated. Ari out shortly after. Danny wins.

Everyone looks very disappointed in this outcome!

Ari is in tears.

Sun Burn Arena turned adult playground Big Brother/ Seven

the scramble and in the elimination room

Danny is crying for joy that he’s won (but not in a malicious way, more of a relieved way). He wants to take Sid out for what he did to Tilly. Danny knows Marley will vote for Ari, so it’s up to SJ to make that move to take out Sid. 

SJ isn’t sure what she’ll do.

This is truly scramble time and both Sid and Ari know the person to get onside is SJ.

Holly: Ari is waiting on the stairs like a little kid to speak to SJ when she’s ready. 

Holly: Ari is broken. 

Rose: It’s so emotional!

Rose: It’s actually a really hard vote. I would’ve found it a lot easier voting out any of the others. I do not envy SJ at all.

Holly: SJ looks great in her track suit tonight. 

Rose: I feel like if I went on the game I’d need to constantly tell myself IT’S JUST A GAME so I could remove feelings from voting. 

In the elimination room, Sid makes a wonderful speech about being a migrant in Australia and demonstrates the need for better migrant representation in Australian media.

Ari says being in the BB house has changed his life. He says he’s adopted the mindset throughout his life that he’s unliked and being in the house has changed that.

Holly: I don’t envy SJ. This is the hardest decision so far. Each of them deserves to stay. 

Ari receives one vote. Sid receives two votes and is evicted. 

Sid leaves with a great attitude and gives everyone hugs. He’s at peace with the decision.

Final thoughts

Rose: I think everyone just really needs a hug and a big glass of wine at this point haha 

Holly: I just can’t believe they’ve been in there for two months now. It’s just insane. I’d be going stir crazy. I’m surprised at how normal everyone still seems.

Our guess at top 3:

Rose: Danny, Christina and SJ

Holly: Marley, Danny and SJ

Who we would evict:

Rose: I think maybe Sid? Hard one but someone’s gotta go.

Holly: Sid. I think, if in a top 3, he could win. Big threat.