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Alliances Undone: Big Brother Babblings Ep 29

The final five housemates are delighted to still be in the house. 

Danny reflects on his time in the house and all that he’s achieved. He says he’s now closest to Marley, who he used to hate, and SJ.

Ari says the game has changed his perspective and approach to life. He says last night was the first time he’s cried in as long as he can remember.

Holly: You’re bound to change in some way when you’ve been locked in a house with no technology for over two months!

Ari and Christina chat in the bathroom, they realise that they need to combine forces because it’s obvious how strong Marley, Danny and SJ’s alliance is. 

Tonight there are two challenges. The winners of each round get to nominate one HM each.  Whoever is nominated sits out the next challenge, as they are up for elimination. The winner of the first challenge is not safe from nomination in the second challenge.

Ari warms up for the first time ever before a challenge. He knows he can only rely on himself today.

Danny and Marley plot in the bedroom: Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge

In the ultimate cousin to the bucking bull at a country ag show, housemates hold onto a big cylinder kind of like how you would imagine a monkey would. It turns intermittently, so they have to hang upside down. 

Rose: Okay I love this challenge. BB “you all look like rotisserie chickens”.

Holly: I want to have a go!!

Rose: Producers finally having some fun controlling the turning.

It starts raining, making it harder to hold on!

Danny starts making some pained noises. There’s a lot of “blueghhh ahhhh”. Danny is out first.

Rose: They’re playing a lot of dramatic music, but I think if you changed it to comical jokey music it would look like a scene from WipeOut.

As the cylinders continue to move sporadically, the housemates end up in different positions. Some positions are easier than others. Ari drops and then SJ. 

Rose: I underestimated Christina! She is becoming the challenge beast everyone said she was. AFTER they decided to keep her. 

Christina nominates SJ.

Hang in there!: Big Brother/ Seven

Post Challenge

Christina is plotting to make sure Danny is up next. 

Ari is showering when Christina runs up to him and tells him he needs to stick to “the plan” and nominate Danny in the next challenge if either of them win. Ari agrees. 

Rose: Unless Ari is double crossing Christina, it’s interesting he is down for nominating Danny because he told Tilly he would protect him.

Ari is playing for both sides, but only BB knows. “The rat is back” – Ari

Holly: So where does he actually stand?

Rose: I find it peculiar when housemates talk about who’s deserving of a win. It implies some of the housemates aren’t deserving. Who do they think isn’t worthy of the win?? I actually can’t keep track.

Second challenge

This challenge is less ag show and more sports carnival day.

Housemates balance a cylinder on the end of a post (broomstick) as they move through a set of obstacles, which includes walking over a seesaw, going under and over hurdles and balancing on a wobbly deck.  Kind of like an obstacle course egg and spoon race. When they get to the end of the course, they must careful stack their cylinders, as the sit on a hanging shelf.

Holly: Danny likes to try and speed through these challenges. He’s not patient enough. 

Rose: This would drive you mad!

Marley likes this challenge.

Rose: No really, he just likes it for fun factor, it’s very cute. 

Marley takes the lead but when he gets to almost the top of his stack, it all topples over. This happens to Ari too.

Holly: This challenge is going for a while! 

The obstacles get easier to navigate the more they do them but it’s the stacking which is catching the housemates. Ari and Marley quickly rebuild their towers. 

Holly: This is so nerve wracking ahah

Ari takes out the win. Which side will he pick???

While he deliberates, the housemates snack on mini sausage rolls and party pies. Lunch of champions. 

Ari is extremely torn between nominating Christina and Danny. Ari nominates Danny. He thinks Christina will look out for him more. 

Holly: I think that’s the correct idea. Break up that alliance. They don’t have your back Ari. 

Rose: Mum reminded me of something interesting – in old seasons they had to give reasons for nominations and BB could reject them?? 

Holly: ahaha yes! Because people would nominate for petty reasons or would try and not give one.

Danny is PISSED.

Rose: I agree with Ari, Danny wouldn’t have saved Ari if it came down to himself and the others. 

Danny takes Ari aside to ensure that Ari will put his vote on SJ tonight. He makes him “shake on it”.

Rose: I hate the way Danny speaks to Ari like he’s a kid that is in trouble at school. ARI YOU OWE HIM NOTHING IT’S A GAME, and he ELIMINATED YOU before.

Rose: I get the feeling Ari is lying through his teeth. Yeah he is. “I will make any promise to anyone, I don’t care.” Telling Danny that he is saving him is genius. That way if he can’t get the votes on Danny, it looks like he saved him. Win win.

Wibble, Wobble: Big Brother/ Seven

the scramble and in the elimination room

Emotions are running high once again!

Rose: You can see Ari and Marley trying to win over Christina as the swing vote.

Rose: Hearing people like Marley and Tilly talk about how lovely Danny is makes me wonder what he’s like IRL because the edit has been rough. Often endearing but equally often, annoying or rude.

The HMs speak about how polarising Danny has been yet somehow has an amazing ability to bring people in and get them onside. 

With two votes, Danny is gone. 

Final thoughts

Rose: Tough choice tonight! Save SJ, but she could beat you at the end. Save Danny, he could eliminate you tomorrow.

Holly: Big exhale…….. wow

Rose: Bring on finals week! Ready for the chaos.

Our guess at who will win

Rose: Marley

Holly: Marley