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IN IT TO WIN IT: Big Brother Babblings Ep 30


Rose: I can’t believe we have made it this far.

Only four HMs are left: Christina, Marley, Ari and SJ.

Holly: I’m glad that there’s definitely going to be a girl in the top three. If Danny had stayed it could’ve ended up as an all boy top 3.

BB calls the final four to the diary room and let’s them know that tonight is their last night in the house.

It’s day 63. 63 days in this house! And 22 people have gone home.

Holly: Unbelievable. 

On their last day in the house there will be one last elimination challenge, and the winner decides who goes home. So basically, they pick the top 3 for the public to vote on.

Rose: I’m worried about Ari and Christina wanting to take Marley to the finals, he could beat them on public vote!

It’s a lot of reminiscing and recapping on this episode, with the housemates having video calls with family, and talking about how far they’ve come.

Holly: SJ’s husband is giving big Billy Connolly vibes 

Rose: Christina is winning me over! She kind of had a perfect run to start with, completely under the radar until Brenton (bread man) arrived. After that, she won tons of challenges and made some big moves.

Rose: It’s going to be interesting to see what people want in their winner. Because you’ve got housemates like Marley who are saying they played an honest game, and on the flip side, Ari who is saying he played a complex and like, not honest, game. 

Holly: It’s true Marley has played a very honest game. He wears his heart on his sleeve and has good intentions.

Holly: Okay before we go any further. I need to know where the bunnies are going when the HMs leave? SJ and Marley seem quite in love with them.

One last scheme in the bathroom: Big Brother/ Seven

The Challenge

Housemates have to dig through a pile of sand bags, to find a metal container in the sand. 

They then dig their way through more sand and create a tunnel under a metal beam, which they’ve got to pull themselves and the metal container under. Inside the container are puzzle pieces which they must construct. 

Rose: This challenge reminds me of those “tough mudder” type comps – except they’ve also got to drag this metal box which I can only describe as looking like a coffin.

Rose: Ari is absolutely flying which is wild given he is hardly the strongest. Pure determination!

Rose: Unfortunately the sand bags are very heavy so I think this challenge favours the boys a little. 

Then the housemates have to use a sledge hammer to break through a wooden box, and find a small ball. 

Rose: Wow this is convoluted. Exciting, but convoluted.

With the ball, housemates have to complete a vertical ball maze. WHILST STANDING ON A BALANCE BEAM.

Rose: Producers really were out here being like, how do we make this as hard as humanly possible without actually torturing contestants.

Holly: In WA, BB has been interrupted to go to a presser with Mark McGowan who says we’re going into a four day lockdown. 

Holly: Whelp, that was 40 mins of presser but we’re back into BB.

Rose: I love puzzles as final stages in a challenge, it evens the game right out.

Rose: This puzzle sucks ahaha it looks so hard!!

Despite Ari being in the lead initially, Marley and SJ have caught up.

Rose: I like to play this game where I guess who will win based on the music choices, it kind of ruins it haha

Marley carefully navigates the ball into the eye. He’s won. He drops to his knees in joy and relief.

Rose: Aw after seeing that reaction you can’t not be happy for Marley.

Just a few images to demonstrate this convoluted challenge: Big Brother/ Seven

Post Challenge/Scramble

Rose: I just noticed Christina is a flight attendant?? I’ve never noticed that before.

Ari and Christina are desperately scrambling. Ari does a portion of it wearing only a towel??? 

There’s not much to say. Ari and Christina try their hardest to both get into that top 3. Ari tries to use a head and heart tactic with Marley by telling him if SJ is in that final 3 she will win. Marley stays very cordial throughout these conversations.

Rose: Ari saying to take him because SJ is too hard to beat is a pretty good strategy, but I just don’t know if Marley will do it to her.

Rose: Is it just me or is everyone trying to be teachers’ pets with Marley? I mean, no judgement! Just funny to watch.

Holly: Yes, BB looooovess him.

Holly: Isn’t it crazy that within the elimination of one person, Marley can essentially dictate the top 3?

In the elimination room

The HMs make one last plea to Marley before he makes his decision. 

Holly: This has been such a tense night with the lockdown announcement and now this!

He decides to send Ari home (who walks out without saying goodbye to Marley). 

The top three includes Marley, Christina and SJ. 

Final thoughts

Rose: Very interested to see how this turns out!

Holly: Although I was never a big fan of Christina, I really appreciate her hustle and I’m very happy to see two women in the top 3. 

Rose: I’d be happy for any to win but I think I’m going for Christina.

Holly: Marley! I really think he deserves this.

Holly: UMMMM I tried to vote and it wants practically all the info in the world from me! Like, great, cool, it’s free to vote but I don’t want to spend hours filling this stuff out. And hey! What’re you doing with this info ch7 huh!?


Who would we would vote out

Rose: Marley if I wanted to be strategic, SJ if I was going by who I wanted to take.

Holly: Yes, Marley for strategy and Christina if not a strategic move.

Our guess at who will win

Rose: Marley

Holly: Marley