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That’s a Wrap: Big Brother Babblings Ep 31/Finale!

Dear Babblers, thank-you for coming on this journey with two Big Brother fanatics. We have made it! The finale is here. Please enjoy this stream of thoughts, as we watched the finale together in real time.

Rose: Okay my actual dream top 3 would have been Tilly, Mel and Jess

Holly: I’m so keen for the drama that is going to spill between the HMs.

Rose: I also can’t wait to see the outfits! I wonder if Christina will contour her stomach again lol

Rose: Alright, we are on the main stage!

Rose: May the best drag queen win!

Rose: Who is cheering??? No crowds allowed!

Due to our country’s current COVID state there is no live audience in the studio tonight. Instead, they’re playing crowd noises occasionally and some of the contestants are there in person while others are zooming in from home.

Rose: Sonia’s outfit is cute but I hate how it clashes with the backdrop.

Rose: Wow this really reminds me of old BB with the vote now images.

One last Sonia look for the season: Channel Seven/Big Brother

Holly: Why is neon such a go to on TV (Sonia’s outfit is neon pink and neon yellow).

Holly: Welcome to the stage, the main character…. Danny!

Holly: If Nick and Mel made it further I think they would be in the top 3 with Danny. Their alliance was fierce.

Holly: Ha! Danny says he went into the house with the plan to be “low key.” Is he going through an existential crisis? 

Rose: I love the way Sonia knows the cameras so well she can pretend the audience is there.

Danny has a moment with Nick and Mel who are on zoom. 

Rose: On socials Mel actually said she wanted Ari to win!

Rose: Nick really did not dress up at all haha

Holly: They look so small on stage by themselves. It’s such a big stage.

Holly: HA SONIA describing Danny as a cult leader. I see it!

Next up we see a bunch of random contestants entering, including Katie and Mary. 

Rose: The dramatic music under Carlos doing his happy dance is so confusing to my emotions.

Rose: Everyone looks HOT!

This entire section is primarily about Katie and her beef with Danny. She says right off the bat she didn’t like him because he voted out her ex-boyfriend. (Yeah that cocky guy who was first out)

Who are these people??: Channel Seven/Big Brother

Holly: Omg no Katie, are you really still on this ex-boyfriend thing? (The first guy out).

Rose: I wish Katie had’ve stayed longer, I like how not afraid of conflict she is.

Holly: Mary needs more of a spotlight? She was near the top!

Holly: I’m laughing at them entering the stage and waving to a non-existent audience.

Rose: Sonia is working hard keeping it all moving – I forgot about it being live and her having to keep to a schedule

Rose: “WE’RE HIGHLIGHTERS” (Tilly says to Sonia) OMG Tilly looking like a barbie from 2004

Rose: Ari also looks hot. Hair and makeup is really doing things for everyone.

Holly: I like his hair down.

Hot stuff Ari!

Enter the top 3!

Holly: Christina was told the runway look was “best drag”

Rose: YESSSS she really did

Rose: SJ LOOKS like she’s having an out of body experience in that outfit. She’s ready for a post-apocalyptic dance battle. 

Rose: Marley just looks cute and trendy as always.

SJ is the first HM to get a montage and interview.

Holly: I agree with SJ, hardest part would be living with noise

Holly: Ha! I love SJ saying she’s not a fan of tofu and Danny now likes tofu (after he chucked the biggest sook over it in the house).

Holly: Yes Danny let’s stop talking about her age all the time. It’s important but not essential to mention each time.

Rose: “I’ve never worked for the man, that’s why I dress the way I do” – still my favourite SJ quote and an ultimate goal

Final three ‘best drag’ looks: Channel Seven/Big Brother

Tilly has a one on one with Sonia and Best Bits Montage.

Rose: This is what I’ve been waiting for: a Tilly montage

Rose: Interviewing Tilly would feel like such a wild ride, she really just speaks with no filter. I agree with her that it’s what people like, she is so genuine. It’s also because Tilly comes across as kind and playful.

Holly: Tilly naming her fans The Kittens is so on brand ahah

Now we have a montage of Marley and it’s very wholesome. 

Holly: I forgot that he won 10k already. That’s great.

Holly: Side note, no Flex Mami tonight!

Holly: Tilly says the sweetest words to Marley, saying she wants him to win.

Holly: It’s really nice to see how Danny and Marley’s friendship has evolved. From hate to love. Danny says he aspires to be like Marley and he looks up to him.

Rose: OMG Marley’s dad made his outfit! 

Holly: So sweet :’)

Rose: It’s really sweet hearing everyone have nothing but kind words for Marley. It’s hard not to hope he wins. I think he will take it out, and it’s so well deserved. I’m usually a fan of sneaky players, hence my cheering on of Ari, but if we are going by like who should get the money specifically and who’s been honest, it’s gotta be Marley. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t go his way. 

Holly: Danny of course gets a special montage and chat with Sonia. You really have to admire the game he’s played. He showed how it really is a game. A lot of people say it just as a reason to excuse their actions but he kept up that mentality 24/7.

Rose: He played hard and played well, I just hope his mental health is okay!!


It’s Christina’s turn now!

Rose: Christina is so beautiful. Like SO beautiful. 

Holly: It’s those Russian genes! They’re all stunning.

Rose: She learnt english watching BB! That’s amazing. I think there’s so much more to Christina than we got to see. I think we saw some of it when she got fired up after being sent to the walking dead room. Good on her for coming back so strong.

Rose: OH YUCK don’t give me a showmance montage. This love story has nothing on my other fave show to watch at the moment, which is Love on the Spectrum. 

Holly: This whole showmance conversation is very awkward. I don’t think Christina is interested anymore. 

Rose: I agree Holly, it felt uncomfy. At the very least she isn’t sure how she feels enough to want it broadcast all over tv.

Who wins, you decide (Sonia Kruger voice): Channel Seven/Big Brother

Holly: It’s final plea time. Will this change the outcome of who wins? Will anyone do a movie monologue plea?

Rose: Miss SJ. What would you say to 4 year old Sarah? 

Holly: Very authentic pleas from SJ and Marley. They’re good speakers. 

Rose: What a strange experience for them without a crowd. I can only imagine it’s dead quiet as they speak which would make it feel like a school captain’s speech.

Holly: The fake clapping is so comical. Even the occasional woos added lol

They bring out their families on stage; Marley has his dad and his brother, SJ has her twin daughters and Christina has her mother and sister.

Holly: Omg Marley’s whole family is so stylish and cute. So is SJ! Her daughters are gorgeous.

Rose: Wow you can pick everyone’s families a mile away. SJ’s girls are so cool. HAHA one of them admitted they’d never watched the shows before. 

Holly: Oh here we go here we go here we gooooooooooooooo



Holly: I voted for Marley hehe

Rose: Clearly the vote that mattered!!

Rose: Marley’s family is going to make me cryyyyy. So happy for them!! Apparently his Mum was a big fan of the show, that’s really nice that he won. The outfits Marley’s Dad made are worth $250K alone in my books.

Big Brother 2021 winner Marley: Channel Seven/Big Brother

Holly: I feel like COVID restrictions were very much ignored. 

Holly: Very bad live editing. Music on and off. So awkward. Let’s not pretend there’s a studio audience when they’re not.

Rose: Yeah you can tell they had to scramble at the last minute to put the show together. I think they should’ve dressed up the stage more, to make it feel comfier? Also could’ve planned the segments better. I feel for them because it was a last minute change, but I would’ve thought they would have a back up plan just in case. 

Holly: Overall, I enjoyed the dynamics between the HMs this season and we’ve seen the benefit of no public voting. If we had public voting Danny would’ve been gone early one but look at how much entertainment he brought this season. 

Holly: I’m very happy with this winner. However, it was expected. It might’ve been a bit more fun to have a really tight top 3. 

Rose: I hope next season it’s got a little more playfulness in the season. The food challenges were fun, and the stuff in the panic room. Maybe it’s down to casting too, get some more spicy people in there. 

Holly: We definitely had a few housemates this season who were a bit of a waste of space? I’m not sure why they were cast.

Rose: Regardless, it was super fun to recap, and I’m very happy Marley won! It’s going to be weird having my Monday – Wednesday nights back.