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A Return Mission: Homeward Bound with Isaac Diamond

From the mind of Isaac Diamond (York, House) comes a new work Homeward Bound. Drawing inspiration from the parallels between migrating birds and the human desire to return home, Homeward Bound follows the story of a astronaut who has found himself very far from home.

Magazine 6000 spoke with Isaac to find out more about this lone astro’s journey.

Isaac Diamond. Photography by Tashi Hall.

Who is this astronaut and why is he so far from home? What can you reveal about his space mission?

The astronaut is Perry and he’s been on a mission to find potential places for people to re-settle in the galaxy. However, we don’t get much information about this in the script as we are more focussed on what’s happening to Perry in his body and mind while he deals with being so far from home. We’ve all had moments (especially since covid) where we have missed friends, family and home. 

You’ve taken inspiration from migrating birds for this piece, what sparked your interest in them?

I have a brother who is hugely into birds – a real bird nerd. So, they’ve been circulating around my consciousness for a while now. Last year I listened to a podcast by Radiolab (my fave) called There and Back Again all about migratory birds…It just blew me away. What these creatures are capable of defies belief and still escapes science. I couldn’t resist. 

Did you always see a connection in this astronaut’s journey to that of a bird migrating home?

I really love sci-fi and once I began to deep dive into birds and migration, I basically just tried to smash these two things that I love together. I’m lucky that the connections and commonalities are truly present and powerful. People are capable of amazing feats when leaving or fleeing their homes and what excites me is that instinctual desire to return home again. 

What does “home” mean to you? Is it a place? A feeling? Both or something else entirely?

It’s a bit cliché but home is family. I’ve got a big family, 8 of us all together. Now, we are spread out over the country and there’s a part of me that yearns to be all together again. I think there’s always a little sadness and longing there, but it makes those moments when we are together bloody magic. 

Tell us about the team you’ve got with you on this journey and what’s the process been like in bringing this show to life?

Oooo baby I’m so stoked with the team I’ve got around me. I’ve reached out to people I really admire. The quality of artists I have on my team is just so humbling and exciting. Get excited for the shows design featuring composition from Rachael Dease, set from James McMilan, Lights from Rhi Pettersen and costume from Nicole Marrington….truly a bunch of local legends. What’s more is I’ve got amazing talent helping me bring the show to life on stage with Elise Wilson directing and Kylie Bywaters playing opposite me. Holding the team together and selling tickets are Samantha Hortin our producer, Mitch Whelan out publicist and Sian Murphy doing Marketing….wow. 

Who should see this show?

Literally everyone! But definitely bird lovers and sci-fi nerds. I’m a big nerd myself so it’d be nice to have a whole fam of nerds experiencing the show. I’m really excited to share this show with the world so pls come along and bring your Nan and your dog! 

Homeward Bound presented by Lazy Yarns and will run from the 4th to the 22nd of October at The Blue Room Theatre.