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A Global Trip to Visit Hard Truths: Emily Tressider: Where’d You Go?

Melbournite Emily Tresidder is in Perth and has brought with her a “bag o’ gags!”, some wild stories and some hard truths about being a woman in comedy.

Setting up in the intimate Four5Nine Bar, Emily almost takes on the role of a geography teacher using super accurate cut outs of countries to trace the steps she took on an ambitious international trip pre covid.

She explains that this trip took place during a time where she thought she might leave her career as a comedian. As we visit these countries with Emily, we hear about a range of her experiences from dealing with entitled (male) tourists to her inability to do a deep squat.

Just as we expect to hear about her adventures in the next country, Emily takes us to places not quite on this planet but certainly ones we’re all well acquainted with, such as “self-doubt island”.

Without dropping the humour Emily tells us about some of the frustrating (to say the least) things she’s dealt with in her career as a woman comedy. Unsurprisingly, her negative experiences have largely been caused by men and the double standards women face in the industry. While Emily has written and performs these parts with heaps of jokes, I can feel and relate to her frustration.

Emily’s style of comedy feels welcoming and inclusive of her audience. As someone who is not super keen on audience participation, I found myself willingly contributing to the show and even adding some oohs and ahhs! I was also highly appreciative of the range of props that emerged from her small “bag o’ gags” (or box), which gave a mix of air hostess, meets teacher, meets magician, meets show and tell.

Despite the host of shitty experiences Emily has dealt with as a woman in comedy, it’s a win that she’s decided to return. Without spoiling the show, we learn about where Emily is at now after the two-years she’s spent away from this profession (some of which was stuck in lockdown) and how she’s been able to move past the limitations comedy tried to place on her. Funny, inspiring and educational (get travel insurance!) Emily Tresidder’s show Where’d You Go? has officially made its landing in Perth.

You can catch Emily Tresidder’s shows at Four5Nine bar from now until Feb 9 as part of Fringe World Perth.