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Continuous Evolution: Queer as Flux

Queer as Flux is an acknowledgement of the continuous transitions, we all experience in life, through the lens of one person’s incredible experiences.

Written and performed by Stace Callaghan, the show chronicles Stace’s own life alongside rapid-fire LGBTQI+ history lessons, presented by their fabulous alter ego, Polly Tickle.

Stace takes us through the significant stages of their life, from childhood to present day. At each of these points, we see how Stace’s gender identity and expression shifts as they learn more about themselves and undergo life altering experiences.

Stace Callaghan in Queer as Flux by Kaifu Deng

The stories Stace tells us are truly incredible. Some are sad, some are scary, some are funny, some are relatable, some even feel like they could be fiction. To maintain the show’s form of being snappy and moving quickly, we often miss out on the true gravity of these stories, leaving us wanting to know more about these fascinating moments in their life.

Despite there being plenty of opportunity for Stace to dwell on the sad and traumatic experiences in their life, they never do. Instead, they reference the superpower they had during that time, which helped them push through. This take on life is refreshing and not often seen on stage.

Polly Tickle in Queer as Flux by Kaifu Deng

The time travelling Polly Tickle, arrives in frequent intervals to take us through our LGBTQI+ history and occasionally to interrupt Stace’s stories with some witty side commentary. The switch between Polly and Stace is scarily good, proven to be so within moments which feel as if there are two performers on stage. The history lessons set the stage for where we are today, while reminding us how recent the fights for equal rights were and how some are still ongoing.

Leah Mercer’s direction makes use of Stace’s enviable stamina, flexibility and ability to contort their body into all sorts of poses. Every inch of the space is used as Stace flies across the stage and climbs onto multiple levels. The show keeps at a rapid pace, as Stace pulls on and off costumes, to convey themselves at different periods of their life.

Towards the show’s conclusion, we get more still moments where Stace takes the opportunity to step close to the audience, making eye contact with some. The feeling of intimacy between Stace and the audience is further enhanced as we’re taken on a tour of their body filled with scars and tattoos, each mark telling its own story.

Stace Callaghan in Queer as Flux by Kaifu Deng

By sharing their life on stage Stace demonstrates, through their varied experiences, the constant state of flux we are all in. They remind us that we are never stagnant, we are always evolving and that’s okay. It’s an important message, one which many will benefit from hearing, delivered in both a touching and inspiring way.

Queer as Flux is on now to the 13th of November at The Blue Room Theatre.