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The Final Battle: MindCon

Deep in the heart of Northbridge, a battle is brewing.

From the outside of The European Foods Warehouse, you wouldn’t know that something out of the ordinary is happening inside. Entering through a side door, you are taken off the lively streets of Northbridge and into the cold and dark, dystopian world of MindCon. Presented by Co3 Contemporary Dance Company, MindCon is a contemporary dance piece, created by Mitch Harvey Company with musician Louis Frere-Harvey.

Mitchell Harvey in MindCon. Photography by Matsu Photography. 

The vast warehouse is dark, with streams of light cast over set designer Jackson Harvey’s huge concrete-like block structures. It’s an exciting space to walk into and immediately piques people’s curiosity, prompting them to explore what’s on offer.

The audience naturally gathers in a semi-circle facing the largest of the structures, which gives a tower like impression. Without notice the space is plunged into complete darkness and the show begins. Dancer and choreographer Mitchell Harvey, makes a powerful first appearance which produces a sense of fear and anticipation. His movement and expression are daze-like, appearing to be lost, thirsty, hungry and delirious.

Mitchell Harvey in MindCon. Photography by Matsu Photography. 

Louis Frere-Harvey’s strong composition is beat heavy with ominous tones that radiate through the space, almost carrying Mitch from one spot to another. While Némo Gandossini-Poirier’s versatile lighting design adds to the tension of the sinister setting.

For a while we’re led to believe there is only one man left in this dystopic future, but we are wrong. With an entrance that certainly leaves the audience in awe, Louis emerges as the penultimate person standing. We’re then drawn into an intense battle between the men.

As he battles for control, Mitch transitions between the dazed motions he started with into strong, jutting and angular movements. Meanwhile Louis plays a live drum which, combined with his position on stage, gives him an authoritative presence. It’s an interesting dynamic to watch as these elements, which normally co-exist are represented by opposing forces. Dance versus music.

Mitchell Harvey and Louis Frere-Harvey in MindCon. Photography by Matsu Photography. 

Despite the show’s dark and grungy themes, you can’t help but smile from excitement while watching what’s unfolding. It’s clear Mitch and Louis have made a show they’re passionate about and have spent great time developing. This is a production with massive touring potential and it’s not hard to imagine it in an environment like WOMADelaide.

MindCon is an example of great ingenuity, from creators who have expertly fused together equally powerful components to produce one, exceptionally thrilling show. If you’d like to read more about Mitch and Louis’ process of creating MindCon you can do that here.

MindCon is on now to the 6th of November at The European Food Warehouse.